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Woodworking Projects You Can Make Using the Cricut Maker

8 Woodworking projects you can make with the Cricut Maker.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s no secret. I love, love, love my Cricut Maker. It’s been one of my best craft purchases to date. There are so many things I can do with it and all while my daughter takes her nap. I’ve been pushing it to the limits to see what types of woodworking projects I can make using the Cricut Maker. It’s been fun. Through trial and error and thinking outside of the box, I’ve been able to make some projects that even had me saying, “Wow, I made that!” Hahaha.

Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker

So here are 8 creative woodworking projects you can totally make using your Cricut Maker.

Office Organization

DIY Wooden Elephant Pencil and Phone Holder

First let’s start off with a little desk organization. This was a huge favorite. The DIY Wooden Elephant Pencil and Phone Holder is such a practical project. I love and prefer practical projects. And if it’s cute, even better. I ended up making several for myself and other people. I have one on my desk at my work office and one on my desk in my home office.

This Elephant Pencil and Phone Holder can be made using chipboard or with basswood.

Cell Phone Stand, Elephant Phone Tablet Desk Pen Pencil Bracket Holder, Desk Decoration Organizer @ToolBoxDivas


One of my new favorite woodworking projects to make using the Cricut maker are lights and lanterns. If there is a way to make it light up I’m all about it.

How to Make a DIY Night Light

Recently, I made these night lights for my daughter using the Cricut Maker. And I cut out the images found in Cricut Access on basswood then filtered the light with a sheet of acrylic that I sanded down. This is an adorable project that my daughter loves. She counts the night lights and recognizes the images of the animals in the cutout. In my opinion, it looks better than something I could buy in the store.

Halloween Lantern

If someone would have said to me a few years ago that I could make a wooden lantern using my Cricut Maker, similar to one made using a CNC machine, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. Hahaha. This lantern is so fun and festive. This woodworking project is made using basswood. Cutting it out was a breeze. The light source was simply a lamp from the Dollar Tree.

DIY Woodworking project Halloween Lantern using Cricut Maker
Halloween DIY Lantern using Cricut Maker

Jingle Bell Lighted Ornament

Around the holidays I love making wooden ornaments using the Cricut. Incorporate lights into the project and its bonus all around. Create literal Jingle bell wooden lighted ornaments with the Cricut Maker. This can be made using basswood or chipboard.

DIY Christmas Ornament using Cricut Maker Lighted Bell Shape

Home Decor

There are all sorts of wooden home decor projects that can be achieved using the Cricut Maker.

Modern Clock

This modern clock was made using chipboard and walnut wood veneer. The Cricut Maker cuts wood veneer with such ease. It’s a great way to transform any chipboard project into something fancy and elegant. This clock looks great in my home office.

Modern clock made with Cricut Maker @toolboxdivas

DIY Sheep Coasters Made with Cricut

Make these whimsical coasters in the shape of a sheep. This project was made cutting 2mm chipboard and covering it with decorative paper. I used Mod podge to seal and waterproof the coasters.

DIY Hexagon Jewelry Tray with Foil Inlay

Need a place to place your jewelry in the dresser? Well, these decorative trays are classy and so simple. I used chipboard to make the basic structure of the tray and lined the trays using wood veneer and poster paper. The foil inlay was created using the new Cricut Foil Transfer System.

DIY Hexagon Jewelry Dish or tray or organizer

Kids Craft

“Bear Bank”

My latest Cricut Maker obsession involves making cute crafts for kids, starting with reinventing the piggy bank. You can make a coin bank in any shape using the Cricut Maker. This woodworking Cricut project incorporates both chipboard and basswood. I decorated the coin bank with vinyl cut out in an and panda bear emoji. All the images and cut outs I used were sourced from Cricut Access. This bear bank makes such a cute baby shower gift.

8 woodworking projects you can make using the Cricut Maker toolbox divas

In conclusion, the woodworking craft projects you can make using the Cricut Maker are endless. You just have to think outside the box.

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