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DIY Rope Trash Can or Waste Basket Using a Bucket

DIY How to Tutorial how to upcycle or repurpose an old bucket to make a trash can or waste basket for your office, bedroom or bath.

In my office my trash can is a bucket. Yep, you read that right, a bucket.  In fact, I repurpose many old buckets from old projects.  Some I use as a mop bucket and others as a trash bin.  It may not be pretty but its functional.  Well recently, in an effort to reorganize my office space and transform it into a space that is clutter free and pretty. I decided I’d make a few changes.  I wasn’t getting rid of my trash buckets.  Nope.  I just decided to make them work for me and my space.

Let’s Get Crafty!


  • A Bucket
  • Rope
  • Hot Glue Sticks – a pack
  • Paint



Here’s what I did:

Step 1. Remove handle.How to make a rope trash basket using an old bucket #Upcycle #Repurpose #DIY @ToolboxDivas

I removed the handle from the bucket using the utility scissors. (Side note: These are possibly my favorite sissocors by far! I can cut everything from plastic, metal to fabric, yes fabric).

Step 2. Wrap the rope around the bucket.

Start wrapping the rope around the bottom of the bucket.  If you want all your rope lines to line up evenly you can start from under the bucket, creating a circle and work your way to the outer walls of the bucket.  I didn’t do this because I didn’t want to buy additional rope.  For this size bucket I used about 50 feet of rope.

Be careful because the glue is crazy hot.  Use an old butter knife over the hot glue.

Step 3. Remove excess glue.

Remove any excess glue by placing a thin cloth over the basket, placing a hot iron over it.

Step 4.  Paint.

Now paint in your desired pattern.




OK, Till Next Time. ~T.



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  1. I just love this ! It looks too easy ! I’ll try it soon. Can’t wait to see your other ideas!

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