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Easy DIY Projects You Can Make with a Dremel

The Dremel is an amazing tool that can be used to do a number of things. It is great for cutting, sanding, and polishing. You’ll find that it’s the perfect tool for DIY projects in your home or garage! Here is a list of easy projects you can make with a Dremel to get you started.

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Easy Dremel Projects

1) Clean up your pet’s nails
2) Make custom guitar picks from old credit cards
3) Fix broken eyeglasses
4) Scratch-proof furniture by making felt pads
5) Create a stenciled design on any object using graph paper and acrylic paint (or another type of paint if you prefer!)
6) Add detail to your kitchen cabinets

I’m going to show you how to make some easy DIY projects with a Dremel. From cutting out your own phone case, sanding down your furniture, or even carving out a pumpkin; the list goes on and on! There are so many ways that the Dremel can help you be creative in your home and work life.

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DIY Projects Made Using a Dremel

1. How To Make an Acrylic Book Ledge | Toddler Bookshelf

How to make an Acrylic book ledge | Toddler Bookshelf_Toolboxdivas (34 of 85)

Get a handle on your child’s growing collection of books with these acrylic floating bookshelves. This transparent floating shelf is great for the kids’ room or playroom. You can also use it to display photos or artwork or cosmetics. Avoid cracking the acrylic when adding holes to hang it from by using a Dremel Rotary Tool.

2. How to Make a House Shaped Magnetic Chalkboard for Cheap

Lately, my daughter’s new thing is writing on the wall, or doors, or floors. She will pretty much write on anything. Also, she loves magnets. So channel all that creative energy I’m creating a place in my…our home office where she can freely express herself. I used the Dremel Ultra-Saw to cut the plywood for this project.

3. DIY Cable Management Box | Baby Proof the Surge Protector

One of the challenges with working from home is my desk is surrounded by all these messy cords and surge protectors. I have to block them off so my toddler won’t get to it. However, I knew I needed a more long-term solution to this problem. So one day I was looking at these storage bins I have and came up with the idea of converting a simple storage bin into a cable management box. It’s the perfect solution to babyproof and hides those unsightly surge protectors and cords around my desk. My Dremel Rotary Tool came in handy to make the holes for the cords to fit through.

4. How to Etch a Terra Cotta Pot in 4 Simple Steps

Etch a terra cotta pot with your favorite decorative design and learn how to engrave like a pro with these easy steps. Reinvent a basic terra cotta flower pot by engraving a personalized design. This is a great way to reinvent an inexpensive clay pot and give it a little visual interest. And the best part about it, Is it’s so simple using the Dremel Lite 7760 4-Volt Variable Speed Lithium-Ion Cordless Rotary Tool Kit with 10 Accessories.

5. How to Make a DIY Paper Towel Dispenser

When the pandemic first started paper towels were in short supply. During that time I started buying C-Fold or Multi-Fold Paper Towels. But the problem is I had no place to store them.  This super cute DIY paper towel dispenser can be placed on the counter on mounted to the wall. I cut the opening by attaching the Dremel Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit for Cutting Wood to the Dremel 8220 Series Cordless Rotary Tool.  Then sanded with the sanding tool attachment using the Dremel 8220 Series Cordless Rotary Tool. and a sanding block.

6. How to Make a DIY Night Light

Learn how to make a DIY night lightbox with battery-operated LED lights. These super cute night lights are great for a kid’s room or nursery. This DIY night light hangs on the wall and has battery-operated LED lights. Out of reach of little hands, safe, and remote control operated. YES! I said remote control!

7. DIY Tapered Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are great storage solutions and they are nice to look at. Blanket ladders are also an ideal storage solution because it takes up very little space, making it great for tiny spaces. You can use it to store, of course, blankets or throws, quilts, towels, and or magazines. I’m going to show you how to add a twist to the traditional blanket ladder turning this decorative accessory into a focal piece. The Dremel Multi-Max 5 Amp Variable Speed Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool with the sanding attachment was the perfect little sander for all the tight corners of this ladder.

8. DIY Etched Glass in Minutes

It’s so easy to transform simple glass cups, containers and vases from thift and dollar store finds into etched glass that is more personalized.  You can add decorative accents like monograms, geometric lines, and or shapes. And you don’t need any harmful chemicals to create etched glass.  All you need to etch glass is a Dremel.  With a Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Craft Tool, it doesn’t take long to etch glass.  You can actually etch glass in less than 1 minute.

9. How To Build a Rustic Faux Beam Mantel

faux beam mantle Dremel project

Create a floating mantel that looks like it’s an old vintage beam that you’d find in some old farmhouse or barn. Use the Dremel and the sanding tip to carve into the edges and into the front of the pieces of wood to give it that old barnwood look.

10. DIY Mini Cake Stand

Forget the traditional cake stands. For only a few dollars you can make a cake stand that is sure to be a conversation starter at your next party. Add depth and detail to the cake stand using a Dremel.

11. How to Make a Lion Shaped Wooden Animal Stool

lion stool Dremel project

This woodworking project makes use of readily available materials and tools so it won’t cost you much either! The best part is: this craft can be customized with paint colors or different types of wood depending on your preference. You could even add personal touches like names by using stencils or stamps! Using a rotary tool, like the Dremel 8220 Series Cordless Rotary Tool Kit, carve out the shape details of the lion as depicted on the vinyl template.

Have you made any projects using a Dremel? I would love to hear about it!

Let’s get dirty!


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