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Learn How To Caulk Like a Pro

Learn to caulk like a pro. Tips on removing old caulking and re-caulking around the bathtub.

If you tuned in last week to our LIVE DIY with Hometalk on Facebook, we showed you all just how easy it is to repair the old moldy caulking around your tubs in a matter of minutes.

How to replace the old caulk around the tub.

Maintaining a waterproof sealant between the gap that exists between the tub and the wall is essential in preventing air and water from seeping through behind the walls. Moisture of any kind behind the walls can cause mold and mildew. Recaulking is an inexpensive maintenance job that could save thousands in repair work.

Shopping List

Things to consider:

There are 3 conditions in which you would need to caulk around the tub: when the tub is initially installed, when you want to freshen up the space and in an urgent need where the old caulk is in poor condition, separating and cracking and there is mold or mildew present.

How to replace the old caulk around the tub. Toolbox Divas

Caulk comes in 3 basic types:  Latex or silicone or a hybrid product. For a tub or shower, you want to use a caulking that is labeled  “Tub and Tile” or “Kitchen and Bath.”


  1. Surface Prep:

    1. Make sure you have a clean environment.
    2. Apply Liftoff to the old caulk. (Test this product out first in a small area first. Depending on the surface, this stuff could literally eat through the plastic or fiberglass.   SO PLEASE FOLLOW the label….Read it.)How to replace the old caulk around the tub Toolbox Divas 1
    3. Allow 2 to 3 minutes to sit.
    4. Using the 5 in 2 tool score the old caulking (can also use a utility knife). How to replace the old caulk around the tub Toolbox Divas 2
    5. Using the Hyde scrap tool, scrape away the old caulk.  (Bear in mind depending on the surface you are removing the old caulk you may want to use a plastic putty knife to reduce scratches in the tub or sink.)How to replace the old caulk around the tub Toolbox Divas 3
    6. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol using the cotton rag. 20161012_101507
  2. Once area is clean tape off the area using painter’s tape.applying painters tape applying painters tape 2
  3. Caulk.  caulk gun how to use  caulk gun  apply caulk
  4. Smooth with finger or Hyde smoothing tool. caulking  remove tape
  5. Allow time to dry. (Please read the label to determine the amount of time needed. The caulk that I am using has a 30-minute dry time.)  caulk installed



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  1. Toolbox Divas! I love the name. I hope to see you on HGTV. Do you nave a utube channel?

  2. Great tip. I will use it in my everyday work.


  3. I want to make sure that the moisture in my bathroom won’t get inside the walls. If I were to choose, I’ll buy a caulk gun to make application easy, and a caulk preserver from a good store as a solution to used caulk tubes. Thanks for the tip that I should caulk the tub if I want to freshen up the bathroom space, so I’ll make sure to do that once I’ve bought the materials that I need.

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