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Make Your Own 5 Minute DIY Face Shield

Make this DIY face shield in just 5 minutes using the Cricut Maker. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy when you have to go out.

After making this baby face shield for our daughter, I had people ask me if I would make an adult version. Why yes, yes I can!

The baby face shield has been a huge success! You know you can’t keep a mask on a baby or toddler. I made a couple of extra ones just in case, but so far so good!

The adult version was a lot easier to make, since there is no risk of little hands pulling it off, not that she doesn’t try. She loves her daddy and giving kisses is a thing.

The shield is meant to be worn in addition to a mask. It isn’t meant to be your only means of protection against infection.

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Get the template for Cricut

Supplies needed:

Let’s Make a 5 Minute Face Shield

1. Cut your face shield template using your Cricut or by hand

You can cut your face shield out by hand or visit Cricut Design Space and load the project from there.

Set your Cricut to transparency paper and cut your acetate sheet. I made 3 cuts to make sure it cut all the way through.

Once the cuts are made, weed your shield from the acetate sheet.

Step 2. Apply foam weatherstrip

Peel the adhesive strip off the back of the weatherstrip and place it on the inside, about 1/2 inch down from the top of the shield. I had a ton of weatherstrip foam left over after winterizing my windows and doors and this was my cheap version of making it all work.

You may want to test fit this step to make sure it is positioned in the right place.

This will keep the plastic from resting directly against the forehead.

Step 3. Add elastic band

Cut elastic to the length needed and thread it through the slots on the side of the shield. Fold the elastic and staple. You could sew it if you want to.

Make sure to measure your elastic. You don’t want it to be too long or too short. You want it to fit snugly, but not so tight that it causes the shield to be too close to the face. I recommend stapling one end and wrap around your head to ensure the fit works.

And that’s it! A face shield in 5 minutes. It works well as additional coverage over a face mask.

Isn’t my brother-in-law a great model? He is such a good sport.


Get the template for Cricut

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