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DIY Baby Face Shield: How to Make Face Covering for Children

Learn how to make a DIY baby face shield for your baby or toddler to keep them safe when you are away from home with this simple step by step tutorial and video.

Welcome back to another edition of Nap Time DIY.  A series of simple DIY projects you can do in an hour or less while your little one sleeps.  

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We are living in crazy times! We are worried about our health and the health of those around us. As we come to grips with what a “new normal” might look like, we have to keep ourselves and others safe.

We can’t keep our kids locked up in the house forever, they have to get fresh air and sunshine and they need to be able to interact with other people, even if we are social distancing.

I came up with this cute and practical solution for my little diva, Sydney. Keeping a mask on a baby is impossible! But this face shield works great and it’s attached to her cute little sun hat, so she can’t get it off easily. It also allows her to breath freely, and momma loves to see that little grin.

Here’s What You’ll Need

Cut the Template with the Cricut

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OK, Let’s Get Crafty!

Step 1. Cut the Shield.

I used my Cricut Maker to cut the shield, but that is totally optional.

Set your Cricut to transparency paper and cut your plastic. I made 3 cuts to make sure it cut all the way through.

Once it’s done cutting, carefully tear away the excess and you’re ready for the fun part.

The shield is 11.25″ W x 7.25″H for a 6-12 month old sunhat. You will have to make adjustments based upon the size of the child and hat.

Step 2. Trim shield with washi tape.

Apply washi tape around the sides and bottom of the face shield, folding it over to cover both sides.

When you get to the rounded corners, simply cut small narrow slits in the washi tape to allow it to lay smoothly.

Step 3. Apply Velcro to shield.

Attach the rough side of the velcro, aka the hook side, to the top edge of the face shield using hot glue.

Step 4. Sew the velcro in place on the shield.

Once it’s attached with the hot glue, take your needle and thread and sew it to keep it securely in place.

Step 5. Cut slits into the velcro of the shield

Cut narrow slits into the face shield all the way across so that it will curve smoothly around the brim of the sun hat.

Step 6. Glue the velcro to the hat brim.

Take the smooth side of the velcro, aka the loop, and attach to the brim of the sun hat.

Cut narrow slits all the way across the velcro so that it will lay smooth around the curved brim of the sun hat.

Make sure that the velcro reaches from ear to ear.

Step 7. Attach the shield to the hat.

Attach the face shield to the sun hat and your baby face shield ready to go!

You may want to make more than one shield, you know how babies are.

When the face shield isn’t needed, it converts right back into a sun hat.

Cut the Template with the Cricut

Print & Cut Template

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