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DIY Raised Bed Garden with Cover

Learn to make the easy DIY raised bed garden with a protective cover from squirrels and deer.

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This year with everything going on, I’m spending a lot more time at home. I’m trying to reduce my trips to the grocery store and since I’m home I thought, ‘why not start a garden?’ So here’s how I built my little urban garden on the side of my house.

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OK, Lets Get Dirty!

Step 1. Cut the boards to size.

Using a circular saw or miter saw cut the 2×6 boards to size. I decided to go the entire 8 feet for the length of my garden. This will depend on how long you want your raised bed garden to be. The height is fixed. Cut 6 – 4×4 pieces at 14.”

Step 2. Assemble the front and back of the raised garden.

Find a relatively level spot in your yard to assemble and place the raised bed. Start with the front and back panels. Drill 2 1/2″ exterior wood screws into the boards connecting the2x6 to the 4×4 posts. Space the posts out evenly (one on either ends and one in middle).

Step 3. Screw in place the side boards.

Determine how wide you’d like for your raised garden to be and cut the side boards to size. I’m doing 4 feet wide just for simplicity.

Step 4. Create a level bottom and add the landscaping fabric.

Clear the grass inside the raised bed garden using a weed eater. The staple weed fabric to the sides of the garden. I doubled up on the fabric.

Step 5. Add garden soil and manure to the garden.

Add about 8-10 large bags of garden soil and 2 bags of manure. Mix well and water. Allow it to sit for a night or two.

Step 6. Create the raised bed cover.

Measure out the length of the 2×2 boards and cut to size. Use a drill bit to ore drill the holes to reduce the wood from splitting. I built the frame of the cover and put 2 support 2x2s on either side of the cover. For additional support add 5″ metal corner braces.

Step 7. Apply bird netting to the cover.

Staple the bird netting to the cover and your are ready. I don’t recommend covering the top of the cover entirely. You don’t want to block bees from getting to the plants.

Now plant your seeds and watch it grow.

Till Next Time. ~T.

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