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Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT™ Radio/Speaker with Built-In Charger

A review of the Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT™ Radio/Speaker with Built-In Charger.

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I’ve tested out quite a few radio speakers paired with my favorite tools in my workshop over the years. Some I’ve found to be ok, while others lacked the overall wow factor that traditional stereos and Bluetooth sound systems would bring. That is until I tried out the Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT™ Radio/Speaker with Built-In Charger.Here’s what I thought.

The Sound

OK first off the Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT™ Radio/Speaker comes equipped with 10 speakers with balanced 360° sound. This sound quality is perfect for large spaces and outdoor settings. Of course, I blasted this radio in my workshop and it was actually able to drown out the noise of my loudest tool. I then had my family over for movie night in the backyard, and decided to pull this baby out. All I can say is it brought movie theater surround sound quality to our movie night experience.

In addition, the Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT™ Radio/Speaker also comes with subwoofer and passive resonator (all that bass without any electronic assistance). You can even customize the sound with the built-in equalizer. There’s 4 tweeters and 4 full-range speakers to deliver a wide range of sound.

The Features

  • Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT™ Radio/Speaker works wirelessly by battery or you can plug it in using the built-in 6ft AC cord to keep your M18™ Batteries charged all day.
  • There is a storage compartment where you can store your cellphone and charge it using the USB 2.1 output.
  • If you need a bottle opener for your cold beverage, the Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT™ Radio/Speaker makes that so easy with the built-in bottle opener.
Review of MIlwaukee Packout Radio-charger @toolboxdivas016


  • It’s super durable. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve dropped this about 4 times already.
  • The sound is amazing.
  • It connected instantly with my cell phone.


It’s heavy. However, this it’s not a dealbreaker.

Final Thoughts

Movie night never sounded better. This radio is always rated at the top of the list for best jobsite radios. It is the best radio period.

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  1. Tom Hiddleston says:

    Robust design, high sound clarity, and quality, powerful too. A good workplace radio for the Packout system or as a stand-alone. This is a good quality must-have for those that want to have music on-site.

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