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DIY Christmas Tree Trunk Candle Holder

Learn how to make a candle holder using the trunks of Christmas trees in this quick and easy tutorial for holiday decorations.

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Every year I buy a real tree.  I just love the smell and look.  Whenever I go to my local home center they will shave off branches that need removing, and they will cut down the trunk.  Once the limbs and branches are removed you can actually ask if you can have the limbs and pieces removed.  A lot of time the person will say go ahead and take whatever you’d like because it’ll be disposed of at the end of the night.  This is a great project that you can do using those discarded pieces of the Christmas tree.





  1. Select the tree stumps that you would like to use.

Mark the length and cut with a small hand saw.  Or you can just use the size as you find them.  I wanted to have 3 candle holders varying in size.

2. Once the stumps are cut to the desired height, drill down about 3/4in. down into the center of the stump using a 1 1/2in. drill.

I used at 1 1/2in Bosch Daredevil High Carbon Steel Standard Spade Bit.   I love this drill bit because it drills 10x faster than conventional spade bits and the threaded tip grabs the wood and pulls the bit through.   As a result,  I highly recommend clamping the stump to your workstation before drilling.  This drill bit is very powerful.

  3. Sand down the top of the stump.

      4. Fresh pine tree stumps can be sticky because of the sap.  Use Goof Off Goo and Adhesive Remover Spray Gel Trigger to remove the sap and gunk.

    5.  Now, decorate and style your area. But before you place any candles in the holder, spray the stumps with a fire retardant spray, particularly if you plan on using real tealight candles.    But this project works well with flameless tealights.    However, there is something romantic about using and lighting real candles.



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