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7 Quick and Easy DIY Toddler Proof Christmas Ornaments

Holiday decorations can be costly and can become redundant.  Create a new keepsake with these quick and easy-to-make ornament ideas.

Unique handmade Christmas tree ornaments that will take your holiday decorations to another level.  You can customize to fit traditional or non-traditional color schemes you are thinking of incorporating this year. Do It Yourself and get the kids involved.  Make it a family affair with handcrafted old fashion and modern ornaments and Christmas decorations. Create new holiday traditions and memories. You can have your toddler and a Christmas tree too!

Needle and Thread Ornament

Items needed for this project


Yarn Wrapped Ball Ornament

Items needed for this project

Use craft glue for this project. The hot glue gun is not recommended for this project because the glue gets messy and its hard to create a clean look with glue drips.  Apply glue to the top of the styrofoam.  Attach the yarn to the top being sure to apply pressure to the yarn.  You don’t want the yarn to slide out of place.   Apply glue to the ball as you go and continue wrapping the yarn around the ball.  Feel free to mix and match colors.  Cut a little extra yarn at the oppisite end.  Glue it to the center to create a loop for hanging.  Allow time for the glue to dry before hanging.   place pics here

DIY Block Ribbon Ornament

Items needed for this project


Sand the wooden blocks to remove any rough edges.Place a dab of glue on one side of the block and wrap the ribbon around the block. Apply glue once more to hold the ribbon in place. Screw an eye screw at the top and string it up.


HoHoHo Christmas Ornament

Items needed for this project

Select wooden letters from your favorite Christmas holiday phrase or word. Paint the letters and allow time to dry.Assemble using a hot glue gun. Glue ribbon to the back of the letter.  You can choose to paint the back of the letters but it isn’t intended to spin around on the tree.  

DIY Starburst Ornament

Items needed for this project

Start with a small styrofoam ball.
Place the craft sticks all around the ball. Tie a ribbon/string to one of the sticks for hanging.Spray paint it. Allow time for it to dry and hang it.


Wooden Ball Ornament

Items needed for this project

Glue an eye screw at the top of the wooden ball using a hot glue gun.Tape off the top portion of the ball where you don’t want to get paint.Paint the lower portion of the wooden ball and allow it to dry. Once dry remove the painter’s tape.

Hot glue a ribbon to the top and hang it up. 

Painted Glass Ornament

Items needed for this project

This is a fun ornament to make with the kids.  Using a specialty paint brush like this wisp paint brush you can create decorative slashes.

Start by applying the first color.  Allow time for it to dry.  Then layer on any additional colors.


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