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Make Garden Markers with Scraps

The thing about an herb garden, or any edible garden for that matter, it can be extremely challenging identifying whats growing where. Or if you’re like me, you mistake oregano for parsley.  So for practical reasons and to provide a decorative element to my Herb Ladder Garden I made these garden “stakes” to identify my plants using scrap pieces of wood and craft paint.  Let’s get Crafty!

Making Garden Markers  So 1st I cut the scrap piece of wood down to 6 inches.  These are more Garden markers than stakes because I decided to keep it simple and I didn’t create a spike at the end of the “stake.”

Making Garden Markers

Making Garden Markers Once the pieces are cut to size its time to paint.

Making Garden Markers I used some of my favorite acrylic craft paints, Hand Made Modern Acrylic paints. I picked these up from Target and the colors are so vibrant and modern.


20150626_180147 Once the paint was dry I could write out the different plant names. It’s easy to write with an acrylic paint marker or acrylic paint thats in an easy squeeze bottle.

20150626_180249  I like the the easy squeeze bottle.

The only challenge is when handwriting the names of things is you have an increased chance of making a mistake….in my case it was a spelling mistake.  I’m used to my phone or google underlining the word with a red dashed line.  WHERE IS THE DARN RED LINE when you’re actually writing by hand?!  Oh well…it happens. Now I’m curious as to how many people actually caught that error LOL.

NOTE: Writing by hand does not come with spell check....Oregano SMMMMmmm Oregeno :P
NOTE: Writing by hand does not come with spell check….Oregano SMMMMmmm Oregeno 😛

But hey, we all make mistakes. My mistakes are just painted in acrylic. Thankfully there’s always the other side…of the wood that is.

Herb Ladder Garden view from bottom      Basil Marker   Purple Basil Marker

Now grow and know what your eating.  –T.



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  1. This is so awesome… I am going to try this!!! It will make my whole garden pop… Thanks for sharing this…

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