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Station North Tool Library HH4Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending a charity happy hour event at one of my favorite places in Baltimore, MD,  Station North Tool Library. Every first Friday of each month all summer, Station North will be hosting an Open House style Happy Hour.  During the Open House the tool library and its workshop is open to the public to view and check out.  You can see what the library is all about, learn about the new and exciting classes that are being offered, such as Station North“Making Skateboards, Joinery I & II and making Wooden Hula Hoops.  It’s an excellent opportunity to mix and mingle with  folks who share the similar interests in community, woodworking, Do-It-Yourself and art.

And not to discredit the men of Station North Tool Library because they are awesome and super helpful and encouraging, but it’s one of the few places where I get to meet and hang out with a group of women who love fixing and building things as much as I do. And for me, as a ToolBox Diva, that’s dope (They still say that? Or did I just date myself? LOL).

But the best part of the charity Happy Hour is the donations go towards the library’s SK8orDIY Scholarship Fund which will allow underserved folks of any age the ability to take any of libraries classes for FREE!

Check out the scene from this month’s charity Happy Hour!

Guests were greeted at the door of the library by knowledgeable “librarian” with a friendly smile, available to answer questions about library’s growing inventory of tools.

Tool Library Front Desk  Station North Tool Library  Station North Tool Library 3

Ladder Storage
A great way to repurpose an old ladder. You can store nails and screws in mason jars

Station North Tools 2 Station North Tool Lib tools   axes and pitch forks

Inside the workshop the atmosphere was great and guests could walk around to the various stations, ask questions about the services and classes and check out demonstrations, like knife sharpening. And since no actual tools were in use, patrons could grab a beer and be social. This was Happy Hour after all ;).

Station North Tool Library HH2  Station North Tool Library HH  Station North Tool Lib.

Station North Tool Library Knife station  Station North Tool Library Knife sharpening  Station North Tool Library Knife sharpening2  Station North Tool Library Knife sharpening3


Station North Tool Library Sign

I just love this sign. Next month if you’re in the Baltimore metro area check out this great event & support a wonderful cause.

Click Here to find out more about Station North Tool Library and to donate to the SK8orDIY Scholarship Fund.


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