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Tiled Mirror with Jewelry Storage

Learn how to make this jewelry storage tiled mirror in this quick DIY project. DIY jewelry storage tiled mirror.

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Tiled Hanging Mirror with Jewelry Storage @ToolBoxDivas (29 of 47) Jewelry Storage

Check your makeup, put on makeup and store your jewelry with this tiled mirror. Store your favorite pieces of jewelry and your keys that you can easily grab and go. It’s a handy storage solution that can be placed at the entryway or in the bedroom.

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OK, Let’s Get Dirty!

Step 1. Prepare the pieces for the mirror.

Tiled Hanging Mirror with Jewelry Storage @ToolBoxDivas (42 of 47)

I’m using some strips of scrap pieces of cherry that I had on hand. But they were uneven. So first I started by using the DEWALT 15 Amp 13 in. Corded Planer to even out the pieces so they are the same thickness. 36 in. x 1 in. Hardwood Square Dowel.

Cut the 1/2 in. plywood backing down to size (12 in. x 18 in.) and set to the side.

Tiled Hanging Mirror with Jewelry Storage @ToolBoxDivas (39 of 47)

Step 2. Cut the mirror.

I’m not gonna lie this was the longest most frustrating part about making this jewelry storage mirror. I broke enough mirrors to last me a lifetime LOL. OK, so I’d never cut a mirror before. And let me tell you, cutting mirrors is a skill. One in which I had to develop over the course of breaking the first 4 or 5 LOL. Luckily I bought a pack that included 6 – 12×12 mirrors. Ha! I was down to the last one and FINALLY! I got it right.

How to cut a mirror

First measure and mark off the area to cut. Apply oil to the line that you will be cutting. Using a mirror cutter or the wheel cutting end on the tip of a glass tile cutter. Apply pressure and score down the line. You will hear crackling sounds. It’s important to do this one time. Multiple passes cause the mirror to break unevenly. Tap on the side of the mirror that will be waste. The against a table edge and apply pressure until the mirror snaps. Wear gloves during this process.

Step 3. Assemble the mirror. I did a dry fit of all the pieces before assembling to ensure it all fit

Step 4. Before gluing the tile to the plywood I drilled 3 holes into the bottom tile for the knobs using a Carbide Tipped Drill Bit. Apply masking tape to the tile where you are going to drill before drilling.

Step 5. Apply the construction adhesive to the plywood and secure the tiles and mirror.

Step 6. Screw-in place the knobs into the mirror and turn over and screw in place the picture hangers.

Step 7. Tape out the seams with painters tape and apply caulk between the tile and wood gaps. Excess caulk and adhesive can be removed from the tiled mirror with alcohol.

Enjoy your new jewelry storage solution. It’s even a great place to store your glasses and keys. Place the mirror near the entryway for everyday use.

Tiled Hanging Mirror with Jewelry Storage @ToolBoxDivas (14 of 47) Jewelry Storage
Tiled Hanging Mirror with Jewelry Storage @ToolBoxDivas (40 of 47) (1) Jewelry storage
Tiled Hanging Mirror with Jewelry Storage @ToolBoxDivas (21 of 47) Jewelry storage

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