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Flaming Head: The Scariest DIY Halloween Decoration

Get creative with this creepy flaming head.  It’s sure to be the scariest Halloween decoration on the block.

Ok truth be told I’m not a huge Halloween person BUTTTT over the years due largely to the influence of my crazy neighbors, I’ve really gotten into the decorations.  In the past, I made a small firepit using a $1 jack-o-lantern candy bucket.  It was such a fun project I decided I’d try my hand at another Halloween project involving fire and concrete.  I envisioned the headless horseman coming to find his head.  Hahaha Creepy I know.  But here’s what I did. 

Here’s What You’ll Need

**Be aware of fire ordinances in your neighborhood before trying this and keep a fire extinguisher on hand

Flaming Head DIY Halloween Concrete Skeleton head decoration @toolboxdivas-66 Materials concrete and mask

OK, Let’s Get Dirty!

Before we get started, this is not a project meant to be done with the kids.  In addition, this project involves fire.  So be careful and always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.  I used the First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguisher Spray because it’s crazy it to use.  It’s essentially a spray can.

1. Prep the mask.

Remove the mask foam and cords.

Close off any opening like the mouth and nose with the gorilla tape.

2. Create the “fire gel” cavity.

Cut the flashing and create a tube. Stick it into the eyes of the mask.  

The Gorilla Tape is strong enough to hold the flashing together.

Close off the bottom of the flashing (the side inside the mask) with tape.  

3. Create a place for the mask to rest while the concrete sets.

I needed a place where I could keep the mask upright.  I decided to take a scrap piece of wood and drill into it long screws all around the mask so it wouldn’t tip over once I started adding the cement.

4. Apply petroleum jelly inside the mask. 

5. Mix the cement.

Mix the correct amount because this sets fast. So be completely ready before mixing the cement.  

The cement I used is a fast setting mix. So it helps to have a bottle of water nearby to pour over the form once you’ve poured the cement because it gets extremely hot.  

6. Remove the head from the skeleton. 

7. Remove the concrete head from the mold and use some pliers to pull out the flashing.  

8. Apply glow in dark paint.

I wanted to see if I could get the head to glow in the dark like the skeleton.  this is optional and to tell the truth, did nothing.  lol

9. Make fire. 

Pour in the gel fuel and torch oil into the eyes.

A little goes a long way.  And a trick I found helpful, insert a cotton ball into each eye socket.  This makes it easier to light on fire.  

Now set the stage for your flaming head and never leave your fire unattended. 

Happy Halloween!! ~T.

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