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Cent-Sational Chair Bench with Planter

It’s that time again, It’s Cent-Sational! Last month was our first month doing the Cent-sational Salvage Challenge. And I’ve gotta admit it was pretty amazing! The competition was steep and everyone did an awesome job producing some fantastic creations using kitchen utensils.
This month it’s all about those chairs!
So before I reveal my Cent-Sational creation allow me provide a little refresher on the rules/goals of the challenge.
So The Goal is:


  • To purchase the item of focus from our local Habitat for Humanity Restore center to bring awareness to Habitat for Humanity ReStore Centers and the awesome work that Habitat for Humanity does.


The two lucky chairs.


  • Challengers can’t spend more than $15 total for the project, but personal stash items may be used.


So on my trip to my local Restore center I found these 2 cuties for $5/each.  Yes! These would work perfectly.  I need additional seating for my outdoor area.  And this would do nicely….as long as its maintained under an awning (It’s not real wood). This can and will come apart if a drop of water hits it.  Trust me 😉

  1.  So this isn’t exactly a tutorial but I wanted to provide a quick run down of how I put this together.  

This project was incredibly easy and simple.  I really just used what I already had. Using a scrap piece of plywood I cut out curved edges to connect between the rounded edges of the two chairs

Outlining the cut line with a chalk marker.

Then cutting with a Jig saw.  Would you believe this was the first “moving” saw I ever purchased.

Next I traced out the opening for a small round planter.

Using a spade drill bit I drilled a starter hole for my jigsaw.

Hole cut and planter fits perfectly.

Then I attached the plywood to each chair connecting the two chairs.  I cut down some old maple flooring I had to act as support under the connecting plywood. 

Once the support beams were in place I was able to turn the chairs over and fill the imperfections with wood filler.

Once the wood filler was dry It was time to spray down the bench.


I used a some spray paint I had from an earlier project.  The paint color is Lagoon by Rust-Oleum.

I decided to go back and trim the edges of the connecting planter to add a more finished look.  I also touched up some imperfections with additional wood filler.

Now I was finally done.  Time to plant some flowers.   


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