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Flip My Buffet – Furniture Makeover

One fateful day I was perusing around my local thrift store, as I normally do 😊, when I rolled up on this beauty or rather homely thing. It had definitely seen better days. But it was $50 and I needed a buffet cabinet for my dining room. Despite its ornate nature, it had good bones and nice deep drawers. I liked its lines. What I did not like were the carvings on the top drawers and it was evident from the vast amount of water marks on the top, that this piece could not handle wet glasses. But I took it home with me anyway determined to transfer it into a more modern elegant yet whimsical piece that would fit my space.

One of the things that I like about refinishing pieces is that you can experiment and try new things. There are absolutely no rules, which is why when I saw this really nice fabric with these geometric shapes in Hobby Lobby I thought, ‘it would be nice to incorporate that into the design.’ The colors fit perfectly with what I was aiming for. So here’s what I did.

     I started by removing the hardware from the buffet removing the knob, and I took off the doors. I then filled in any imperfections scratches, dents with some wood filler and I sanded the buffet down removing any varnish.

Based upon the color inspiration in the fabric I went with a Behr Marquee paint called Airy Green.

And with the aid of my toolboxdivas we painted. It was a fun night in the garage for sure. 😀

The drawer and cabinet doors had this weird framing. In the beginning I tried removing the picture frame moulding from around the drawers and the doors. However, I quickly realized that was going to be a losing battle because the molding was darn near impossible to pry off of the door without damaging it. So in that case I remained fluid, why not work with what I have. And that’s when I decided that the way I would incorporate the fabric into the design would be by gluing it into the framed area with Modge Podge.

For the top of the buffet I added an epoxy finish by Rust-Oleum Parks called Gloss Super Glaze Finish and Preservative to protect the finish and wood from moisture or any perspiring drinks placed on top of the buffet.

And with the addition of three new door pulls from Hobby Lobby, I reattached the doors. And surprisingly, the original drawer pulls for the top three drawers, didn’t look so bad after a touch of paint.

So that’s how I flipped my buffet.

Till Next Time. ~T.


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  1. I know I should be looking at the buffet but THAT map!! It’s gorgeous! Did you do that??


    1. Thank you! I actually found it on clearance at Ross. I painted over it, highlighting things to personalize it.

  2. Awesome transformation. Thanks for sharing this blog. I really enjoy reading this. Please keep sharing.

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