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Sofa Laptop Desk with Magazine Rack

Like many people these days, I work from home….a lot. I often find myself in front of the TV on the couch still holding my laptop while trying to catch up on my favorite shows, like Game of Thrones.  Well I hate the idea of holding my laptop in my lap.  It’s annoying and I’m not altogether sure just how safe it is.  In addition,  You run the risk of your laptop overheating.   And when I don’t have my laptop I have my tablet in hand. This is equally as annoying.  So I decided to make a table that is light weight and fits perfectly under both my sofa and living room chairs. Here’s what I did.




  • A drill
  • Circular or miter Saw (May be able to get pieces cut at local hardware store)

Cut List

  • 113
  • 1- 15″
  • 1-24″
  • 1-2″
  • 1-7

OK Let’s Get Dirty!


1. Cut the 1×12 board to size. If you don’t have a circular saw or a miter saw, you can also get the board cut at your local hardware store.

2. Stain or paint the pieces. I recommend staining and painting first before getting started because it makes it easier once it’s put together. All you have to do is fill in the holes, sand it down and touch up the paint or stain.

3. If you going to paint the brackets now be a great time to spray paint the brackets to allow time for the brackets to dry.


4. Start by assembling the magazine rack attaching the 2-inch piece to the 7-inch piece using a 1 and 1/2 inch screw. You can also use wood glue in addition to the screws.

5. Now attach the base 15in piece to the 24in piece using two of the brackets and the 3/4 inch screws.

6. Flip it over and attach the top to the 24-inch side.

7. Attach the magazine rack 12 in from the top on the back of the side piece.  You can also attach the rack prior to attaching the side to the top and base piece.

8. Finally if you’d like you can add small casters to the bottom of the desk.  This will increase its mobility.  If you have a router you can recess the casters giving it the clearance to slide under a low couch.

Now roll up your table to your favorite spot on the couch and Enjoy.  Customize it and make it your own.


Till Next Time. ~T.

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  1. That is really great, thank you. I love the color pop in the brackets.

  2. This is an easy project with a ton of usefulness. Thanks for the idea and plans!!

  3. R C Leach says:

    I think this is a great idea! And, I love the fact that you used the knotty wood! It has 10 times the character of so-called “good”wood! Well done!

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