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Colorful Modern Dining Room Chairs – Mix It Up

Hey Y’all, last week I was so happy to share with you my new dining room table that I built using plans by Jen Woodhouse. I teamed up with Jen from The House of Wood to make this lovely modern dining table. 

I have been working for sometime now to update my dining room.  I’ll admit,  it’s been a crazy slow process, but its really starting to take shape.   I started with a room that looked like you’d walked into a bottle of mustard.   Then I painted it and added picture frame moulding to the walls and created a ‘built in’ window seat.  Now I have a brand new modern dining table, that I built Image result for smiley emoji black and white, with no chairs.

When I started the search for the “perfect” chairs to pair with the “perfect” table I started by looking on Pinterest for inspiration.  But everything looked either too traditional or too formal or even too modern.  Nothing really spoke to me.  So I started looking through local thrift stores.  But after my 7th store I was like, yea this is for the birds. Hahaha  I was thinking at this rate it could take weeks or months or years…(too much?). Ok yea it would take way too long.  Then around the 4th of July I was out and about window shopping, like most people around the holidays, checking for deals. I walked into Pier 1 and they were having the best sale on flowers.  Most of the flowers were either on clearance or 40% off.  And that’s where I saw it.  It was the most amazing Faux Pink & Green Hydrangea.  Now even though the names says its pink, the colors kind of go into a little bit of the coral and mint green family.  Both colors I’m obsessed with right now. I used this flower as the inspiration for selecting the color and tone for my dining room.

Once the color and tone was settled everything kind of just feel in place.  While searching on Amazon I came across the most amazing white Eames-Style Mid Century Modern chairs.  But these weren’t like the usual ones you’d see in photos.  These chairs were padded and the legs were all wooden.  I knew they’d be perfect.

Paired with my table, these chairs don’t over power the table or sit too high.  It’s just right.  I added a twist but changing the style slightly and added a pop or color with the two end chairs.  Still maintaining the Eames-Style,  these “pink” chairs are actually more coral than pink.  But they provide the fun energy needed to bring my new dining room to life.  When looking for dining room chairs don’t fall into the trap thinking all of your chairs have to be exactly the same.  Mix it up! explore color, explore shape and form. Heck, explore texture if you want.  But do make it your own!

Pink Eames Side Chair with Natural Eiffel Wooden Legs by 2xhome 
White Eames-Style Mid Century Modern Dining Room Chairs with wooden Legs and soft padding by Buschman

Stay tuned as I continue to put the finishing touches on this space.

Till Next Time ~T.

Looking for new dining room chairs? Consider these modern beauties. 

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  1. Love them. Love the soft pad in the white ones. However, they would not stay clean at my house. The pink is my fav.

    1. Haha! Thank you Girlie! I don’t have any kids but these chairs seem easy to wipe down. I’ll keep you posted after I host my first dinner party.

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