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Tearing Down the Walls…Tiles that Stand Before Me

So I finally did it…I just couldn’t take it anymore.  It was painful…the walls…the blue tiled walls
were closing in on me.  I came home one
day after work and I went out into my garage and that’s when it happened.  I saw “Big Zeek” (yep…that’s right, my hammer
has a dude’s name) laying out on the workbench. And it was like he was talking
to me.  He said, “Do it!” So I’m thinking, Ok, I must be going crazy.  This
hammer isn’t speaking to me…but darn it, he was right. (Yea I’m going somewhere
with this….I think). I picked up Big Zeek and made a B line for the kitchen.

(Ok truth be told Zeek was my grandfather’s nick name. I always saw him as a big strong man that would fix things…Get it  done. 

So it just made sense to name my hammer after him.)


Boy, Let me tell Ya! There ain’t nothing….NO BETTER way of eliminating a little aggression and frustration like taking a hammer to a wall of tiles. Whoa! What a rush!  That’s probably why these DIY shows are always ready to demolish a wall or kick down a door. It felt so good, my friends wanted to join in.

I’m not really sure what she was planning on doing with that claw paw…but hey she was having fun.  I was just thinking just don’t hit the outlet………
And SO it goes……down came that blasted blue tile backsplash!
……..Now what?
The Life of a ToolBox Diva Continues!
Till Next Time. ~T.
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