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DIY Bathroom Makeover Reveal

You can do an entire bathroom makeover for less than $1000 without replacing your tub and flooring and you can do it all yourself! My DIY bathroom makeover was done primarily with paint and on a shoestring budget.

This bathroom has been on the list to renovate since we moved in. Hello! The pink in this bathroom was the same color as my shirt and it was EVERYWHERE.

Pink tub, pink tile, pink vanity and toilet and pink floor. It took color coordinating to a whole new level. The pink had to go!

But, we are staying home and staying safe, so this was a total DIY bathroom makeover because we didn’t want workers coming in and out. A lot of blood and sweat went into this makeover, but I love how it turned out!

The best part? All of the pink is gone!

I painted the tub and tub surround. Yes you read that right! It was all done with a Rustoleum Tub and Tile Resurfacing Kit. 4 coats and that pink was gone!

Can you believe this was all done with paint?!

White painted tub and tile surround

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I used Rust-Oleum’s Home Floor 2 Step Floor Coating on the tile floor and did away with that pink tile floor for good.

tile floor painted white with gray border detail in my DIY bathroom makeover

Want to try this yourself? Read my posts on how to paint your tub and tile and how to paint your tile floor to get you started.

We replaced the vanity, toilet, and the mirror and brought the whole look into the 21st century. Goodbye 60’s!

I started to add a wallpaper accent wall, but decided it was too taste specific and opted to add color with the shower curtain and cute wall art instead.

So even though there is still pink (really it’s salmon), it’s in small doses instead of the total pink chaos that it was before.

bathroom wall art, wash your hands and get naked

I saw these prints and just couldn’t resist!

view of completed DIY bathroom makeover

The towel bar folds in and out of the way, which is essential in a small bathroom and I chose fixtures in black matte because they give the bathroom a clean modern look.

new vanity and fixture

I love the clean modern lines of the faucet!

view of new white vanity and mirror

I did a simple DIY wood frame around the existing mirror, keeping down the cost of replacing it.

Get ready for picture overload. I mean what’s a reveal without them, right?

white painted tub and tile with colorful shower curtain
colorful shower curtain with birds and wall art
view of new white vanity and mirror
new vanity and fixture

Our budget for this DIY bathroom makeover was $1000, but we spent way less than that. Now it’s fresh and modern and no more pink overload!

Does this inspire you take on a DIY bathroom makeover of you own? You can do it, go get dirty!

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  1. Great job, did you switch out the pink toilet or did you paint over it? I have an extremely similar bathroom and that will be one of my projects I need to tackle.

    1. Thank you so much! We switched out the old toilet. This product is only meant for the tub and tile surround.

  2. Shana Dee says:

    Can you please share where you got the shower curtain and wall art from?

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