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Furniture Makeover: Refinished Nightstand

From time to time I like to visit thrift stores.  Sometimes you come across some really amazing things that require nothing.  Most times you have to remove the dirt to reveal a gem. I spotted this nightstand during my last visit to one of my favorite local thrift stores.  It was pretty beat up. But it was the perfect size, offered good storage and was priced right.  So I bought it.Furniture Makeover - Toolbox Divas

Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas
Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas


Here’s what I did.  The stand was scratched up.  I sanded it down and filled in the imperfections with wood filler using a solvent based wood filler by DAP Products.

Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas  Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas

The nightstand also had this decorative indentation on the sides.  Well, It wasn’t really something I was interested in.  Using Plastic Wood by Dap, I filled in the grooves.  I wanted to create a smooth surface.  Once the filler dried and I sanded it down.  I repeated this process 3 times.  Then I applied a coat of chalk paint, then applied a final application of wood filler to get into any areas that I might have missed.  And finished off by applying a 2nd coat of paint.

Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas IMG_7799

Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas

I also changed out the hardware.  The nightstand came with this very basic flimsy black knobs that I hated.  I replaced the drawer knob with a gold arrow handle I bought from Hobby Lobby. And the door knob with a more decorative knob, also from Hobby Lobby.  As you can see I didn’t exactly get the replacement done correctly the first time around. LOL. Changing the knob to a handle left more holes in the drawer than I anticipated.  I initially thought I could eye ball the placement of the handle.    However, after the 3rd incorrect hole I broke out my Kreg Tool cabinet hardware jig.


Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas  Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas IMG_7805 Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas


Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas

OK  So I know you probably asking, So what color did you use? Well, it’s a secret. Hahaha Just kidding.  I used a paint called Cherish by Decoart and stained the top with Provincial Wood Stain by Verathane.

cherrish paint
Decoart DECADC-36.31 Ameri Chalky Finish Cherish Americana Decor Chalky Finish 8oz Cherish

Refinish with DAP - Toolbox Divas  Click HERE for tips on selecting the proper wood filler and how to apply wood filler.

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    1. Hahaha! Thank you so much Karla! I bought that arrow handle a while ago and have been waiting for the perfect project.

  1. Great job! Why did you pick chalk paint? I love the matte look- I have a bench I’m going to paint and I’d love to follow this idea!

    1. Thank you Molly! No reason other than I loved the color and matte finish. You should totally go for it! Please share pics with me when its complete. I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  2. What a transformation, the arrow handle is stunning! Thanks for sharing. Carolina at Hamilton Billiards.

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