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How To Make a Kitchen Cart on Wheels with Plans

Learn how to make this DIY kitchen cart on wheels. Perfect for kitchens where you need extra storage or added workspace.

kitchen cart with shelves on wheels

I have a community of wonderful people that love to DIY. They love to decorate their homes and they love woodworking. We share our projects in the group on a regular basis for feedback and encouragement.

When I saw this kitchen cart on wheels made by Jada Humphrey, I knew I wanted to share it with all of you. Jada also gave me permission to create plans so that you can make your own!

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Uses for a kitchen cart on wheels.

When you have a small kitchen extra storage is key. It has to be functional and it has to fit where you need it. Most of the time it needs to do double duty. So how can you use a kitchen cart on wheels? Here are some ideas.

  • Storage for small appliances. It will get them off the counter and give you more space.
  • A place to keep cookbooks.
  • A coffee bar.
  • Extra pantry storage
  • Extra workspace
  • Buffet when entertaining
  • Add stools and use it as a table

How to Make a Kitchen Cart On Wheels

Depending on your needs, a rolling kitchen cart can only make life easier.



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OK, Let’s get dirty!

Step 1. Cut the lumber

Cut the lumber per the plans. Be sure to check that the lumber you purchase is straight before buying it.

Step 2. Make the sides of the cart

Start by attaching the end rails to the legs. They should be placed directly in the middle of the 2X4 legs

Step 3. Connect the two sides

Connect the two sides of the cart by screwing in place the 4 back and front stretchers.

The stretcher should be flush with the inside edge of the two sides of the cart.

sides of kitchen cart on wheels

Step 4. Add back and front rails

Screw in place the back and front rails to the middle and bottom shelves. This will be the ledge for the support beams.

completed frame of kitchen cart

Step 5. Top shelf support

Attach the top support boards.

Step 6. Middle and bottom slats of kitchen cart

Paint or stain the slats in the color of your choice. Jada used weathered grey varathane stain on the top.

She used a mixture of 1/2 paint / 1/2 water to create the white washed finish on the frame and shelves. Apply 3 coats and sand in between each coat to get the weathered look.

Attach the middle and bottom slats. They should be spaced 11/16″ apart

slats of the shelf whitewashed

Step 7. Add the top

Attach the top boards using wood screws. Secure it from underneath with the wood screws so that they don’t show.

completed cart with slat shelves

Step 6. Attach Wheels to the kitchen cart

Attach 2″ swivel caster wheels to the bottom of each of the four legs.

Step 7. Finish

Finish the kitchen cart with wheels by applying 2 coats of varathane water based triple thick polyurethane to protect the finish.

gray and white painted cart
kitchen cart with wheels with coffee pot, insta pot cookbooks and cutting boards on the shelves

That’s it! Isn’t this a great project? Jada did a fantastic job!

Jada is an accountant by trade, originally from Rochester, NY and happily transplanted to sunny Georgia! She loves the pioneer lifestyle and tries to be self sufficient, so she has been sewing, quilting, soap making, and canning for years. For fun she enjoys hiking Georgia’s state parks.  She started woodworking 3 years ago when she purchased her home. She says “It’s satisfying to be able to build custom pieces that suit my needs for a fraction of the cost (that’s the accountant in me). I like learning new skills and sharing with other women to encourage them to try basic home maintenance.”  Follow Jada on Instagram for more of her DIY projects @thejadster

image collage of cart with text DIY Kitchen Cart with Wheels

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