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DIY Cable Management Box | Baby Proof the Surge Protector

Learn how to hide those ugly cords and surge protectors, and baby proof the surge protector in this easy to follow tutorial.

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One of the challenges with working from home is my desk is surrounded by all these messy cords and surge protectors. I have to block them off so my toddler won’t get to it. However, I knew I needed a more long term solution to this problem. So one day I was looking at these storage bins I have and came up with the idea of converting a simple storage bin into a cable management box. It’s the perfect solution to baby proof and hide those unsightly surge protectors and cords around my desk.

Here’s What You’ll Need

Here’s What I Did

Step 1.

Find a storage box or bin with a lid. I found this one that has all these decorative holes. This is perfect because it provides ventilation for the power strip and surge protector.

Step 2.

You will need a rotary tool like the Dremel 8220 Series 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Variable Speed Cordless Rotary Tool Kit with accessories and the Dremel 1/8 in. Rotary Tool Multi-Purpose Cutting Bit with the Dremel 566 Cutting Adapter. A rotary tool like the Dremel 8220 makes this whole project of converting a storage bin into a cable management box or surge protector cover super quick and easy.

Step 3.

I started by marking the places on the sides and top where I’d want to cut to be able to run cords in and out of the cable box. I made one on the end that would be large enough to fit the power strip or surge protector cord.

Step 4.

I also cut along one side of the storage bin for cords that I plug into the power strip.

Step 5.

Once these openings were cut I changed the attachment to a light sanding drum to smooth out the rough cuts in the plastic.

Step 6.

Then using a grinding attachment I made small holes along the top and in the lid to insert the velcro ties.

Step 7.

Once I’d finish all the cuts all that was left was to insert the surge protector or power strip into the cable management box and attach the lid with the velcro ties.

And that’s it. It’s super simple. This cable management box hides and organizes my cords and conceals the power strip from my baby. It’s the perfect baby proofing solution for covering surge protectors. It’s placed on the floor and I can simply set my phone on top of it to charge. I think the the future I might make another cable management box that attaches under my desk.

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