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Desk and Bench Set w/Toy Box Storage

Be inspired by holiday-themed projects, like this 3-in-1 bench with toy box storage that converts into a desk.

The post is sponsored by and Kreg Tool as part of their Holiday Campaign sharing holiday-inspired projects.

During the holidays’ kids can collect a lot of new toys; toys that can easily create clutter and chaos.  Having a place to put away the toys is so important.  Also, who doesn’t love kids’ furniture?! It’s so adorable.  It’s the once time you can let your imagination go wild and create awesome things.  But while adorable, I think kids’ furniture should be practical.  You can never have enough space in a child’s room to store things. So multifunctional furniture for a kids room allows you to make the most out of a space.

Who is this for?

I made this toy box for a 1-year-old but this works just as well for a 3-year-old. After I made it I let my 3-year-old nephew play around with it.

It easily converts from a bench to a desk.  All you have to do is remove the pin (eye bolt) holding the backrest in place and lower it down to create a table for the desk.   Well, this clever little boy, saw me convert it from a bench to a desk ONE TIME, and then he was doing it his self. LOL


Here are some of the items I used in this project.


  • (2) 1/4in. – 28 x2 in. Hex Cap Screw
  • (6) 1/4in. Flat Washers
  • (2) 1/4in. x 2-5/8in. Eye Bolt with nut
  • 2in. Narrow hinges
  • (2) Magnetic catch with strike
  • (1) Universal lid support
  • 1 1/4 in pocket screws




The complete plans and build instructions can be found at

I thought enlisting the help of my nephew 3-year-old nephew for this project would be perfect. He would be the perfect little model.  Seriously, what was I thinking?! Obviously, I wasn’t prepared for a boy. Hahaha.  He’s 3 and extremely active.  I quickly learned what I would do differently if I made this again and for a boy.

The arms would definitely be thicker and wider.  I didn’t expect him to sit on EVERYTHING! I mean everything LOL And when he wasn’t sitting, he was climbing. But as destructive as he was, he actually enjoyed it.  He got a pillow and laid on the bench with a book. I was so shocked. He was so adorable!

But that didn’t last long.  He was right back to his normal mischievous self. Hahaha


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  1. Hi Timisha,
    I’m building the 3 in 1 toy chest but it is missing some measurements. The measurement for the hole attaching the leg to the side of the box. It says 5 and 3/32 high from the bottom but no measurement is given for how far in from the front it is. There is also no measurements for where the holes are to be drilled on the leg attaching to the side of the chest, it just has it’s length.
    If you could check those measurements a get back to me I would appreciate it….I’m building it as a Christmas present for my granddaughter.

    1. Hi James,
      I’m just seeing this. If you could reach out to me via email at [email protected] or on Facebook or Instagram @toolboxdivas I would be more than happy to walk you through what I did.

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