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Review of the Bosch BLAZE 165 ft. Laser Measurer with Bluetooth and Full Color Display

Tool review of the Bosch 165 ft. Laser Measurer with Bluetooth and Full Color Display

THDProspective Tool Review*This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

A few months ago the ToolBox Dude introduced you to the Bosch BLAZE 135 ft. Laser Measure. Now we are going to introduce you to the Bosch 165 ft. Laser Measure with Bluetooth GLM 50 CX.  The Bosch GLM 50 CX offers the same backlit full-color display as the Bosch BLAZE GLM 42 135 ft. Laser Measure, but unlike the GLM 42, the GLM 50 comes with some fancier features.


The GLM 50 CX is a professional-grade laser measuring device.  It offers the user a fluid auto rotating display.  So it can be viewed from any angle.  Although the intended use is for indoors measuring distances, lengths, heights, and clearances this can be used outdoors with a designated reference point. This device can save up to 30 measurements.

The GLM 50 CX includes: (2) 1.5-Volt AAA batteries, pouch, hand strap, target cards, and ID tags

Product Specifications

Measuring range (typical): 6 in – 165 ft (0.15 – 50 m)

Measuring accuracy (typical): ±1/16 in (±1.5 mm)

Lowest indication unit: ±1/32 in (0.5 mm)

Indirect Distance Measurement and Vial Measuring range: 0°–360° (4 x 90°)

For Angles:

  • Measurement Measuring range: 0°–360° (4 x 90°) :
  •  Measuring accuracy (typical): ±0.2°
  • Lowest indication unit: 0.1°

Measurement Modes

  • Length:: Length is when you have a specific distance you want to measure. This is not like real-time measurement but will give the 2 previous measurements.
  • Real Time: For real-time measurements, the laser measure can be moved relative to the target, whereby the measuring value is updated approx. every 0.5 seconds.  So as you move around the targeted object (closer or further away) the measurement will change in real time.
  • Indirect: The indirect measurement measures distances that can’t be measured directly because of something obstructing the laser from obtaining a measurement using the real time or length mode.   This measurement is less accurate than length or real time.
  • Area: This measurement will measure the square footage of a room.
  • Wall Area: This mode will calculate the square feet of multiple walls with the same height.  This is a very helpful feature for painters because it can help determine how much paint would be needed.
  • Volume: The volume function is good for liquid measurements like paint and stain.
  • Stake Out Function: The stake out function allows repeatable measurements at a predefined length. This feature comes in handy when you’re making repeat cuts of material in equal pieces or when framing putting up studs.
  • Level: The level is the inclination measurement.  This is helpful when laying tiles etc.  It’s for surface levelness. You can take vertical or horizontal inclinations. 

Things to Consider

Keep in mind the measuring range depends on the light conditions and the reflection properties of the target surface. And when measuring at a greater distance, a tripod comes in very handy.  The GLM 50 CX comes with a 1/4″ threaded insert for a tripod.  The Bosch 165 ft. Laser Measure only stores up to 30 measurements.  So I strongly recommend syncing the device with the Bosch MeasureOn App. The Bluetooth feature allows you to easily transfer data to a smartphone or tablet.

Favorite Features

  • The rotating screen.
  • You can change the font size.  This is a great feature in low light minimizing squinting.
  • The Bosch MeasureOn App accompanied in conjunction with the Bluetooth feature. The MeasureOn App is really what takes this measuring device to the next level. I was able to use the app to calculate how much deck stain I needed for my recent deck remodel.  I was able to apply measurements over photos.
  • The Bosch 165 ft. Laser Measure is very sturdy.  I drop everything and the rubberized lined case had held up nicely so far.


The Bosch MeasureOn App

The best feature about the Bosch BLAZE 165 ft. Laser Distance Measurer with Bluetooth and Full Color Display is that it works with the MeasureOn app.  This app allows you to take notes from your tablet or smartphone directly on photos of the space.  You can manage projects within the app and it is absolutely phenomenal. 


Learn all the ways in which you can use the MeasureOn app with your GLM 50 CX with the MeasureOn App detailed video tutorials.


The Bosch BLAZE 165 ft. Laser Distance Measurer with Bluetooth and Full Color Display is a pro level measuring device.  While this is a great tool for the average homeowner to have in their arsenal, I highly recommend it for professional painters, contractors, interior designers, and other tradesmen. And at this price level of $149, this is a steal.  You will literally trash the pen and paper when on the job site.

With this laser measure, you can quickly take measurements and sync it to your phone or tablet.  You can space plan and take better estimates of materials required for the job.  This is a must-have device.

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