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Storage Organization Ideas Anyone Could Use

Organize any space including the garage with these Husky storage solutions.

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I constantly struggle with organizing and putting my things away in my workshop.  Someone once said to me that if you have a place to store it, you’ll have a place to put it back.  I thought about what that person said and was like wow, that makes total sense. For me, my garage is more than just a garage, it’s my workshop, and it’s where I store seasonal and occasionally used items.  So if I ever want to find anything it’s imperative that I maintain some sort of organization.  But that’s easier said than done.  My space is ever-evolving as I evolve as a woodworker and creator.  

So I’m super excited to tell you about 4 recent additions to my garage that have greatly improved how I organize both power tools and hand tools in my garage.  However, some of these storage solutions can be used in a variety of spaces around the house, including the home office and the car.  


Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Tool Box 

First up is the Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Tool Box.  This dandy rolling system enables me to take the show on the road.  I teach a lot of DIY workshops around Maryland and the DMV.  I use the Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Tool Box to easily transport the tools and small parts needed for my workshop. I’m able to store all the drill required down in the base of the rolling toolbox and in the center, I store measuring devices and pocket hole jigs.  The top compartment allows me to store small parts like screws and drill bits needed to execute the DIY builds in my workshops. But my favorite feature is the fact that it’s mobile. I can move all these things on my own and in a short amount of time, pick up and go.  In fact,  I keep my toolbox packed and ready to go in the corner of my garage for my next workshop at all times.  This thing is a lifesaver.    Priced at $69.97, I’d say this is an excellent deal.  


Husky 10-Compartment Interlocking Small Parts Organizer Husky 10-Compartment Interlocking Small Parts Organizer 

Some people underestimate just how important it is to be able to organize smaller items such as screws, nuts and bolts or arts and crafts items in my case.  So recently with the birth of my daughter, I’ve found that I’m doing a lot of craft projects.  In arts and crafts, there are tons of small pieces like things to make jewelry, small paints, and ink.  There are just countless things.  I’ve been able to use the Husky 10-Compartment Interlocking Small Parts Organizer in both my garage and craft room.  The storage solutions are literally endless. The ToolBox Dude uses these to store fishing gear.So the Husky 10-Compartment Interlocking Small Parts Organizer has 10 removable compartments in 2 different sizes.  These organizers are priced at a very reasonable $9.97.

Other features include:

  • Interlocking to connect more than 1 organizer
  • Ploy carbonate lid for extra-durability
  • Folding handle to save space when storing
  • Heavy-duty latches


Husky 19 in. Pro Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer

The Husky 19 in. Pro Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer, priced at $44.97,  is an organizer that is versatile in that it can be used to organize tools in the garage or organize items in the car trunk or papers in the office.  I see this tote as the handyman or tradesman/woman’s office on the go.  While you can store tools in the pockets of the tote, in the middle there is ample room to store larger tools or files and a laptop or tablet.   The Husky 19 in. Pro Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer has:

    • Heavy-duty 1680D poly fabric with reinforced corners and edges.
    • A tool organizer case for organized, easy access to critical tools on the go.


Husky 19 in. Pro Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer $44.97


Husky Heavy-Duty 63 in. W 11-Drawer, Deep Tool Chest Mobile Workbench in Matte Black with Flip-Top Stainless Steel Top

The Husky Heavy-Duty 63 in. W 11-Drawer, Deep Tool Chest Mobile Workbench is probably one of the best investments you could make in your garage.  With this workbench, we have literally been able to consolidate 4 old smaller workbenches into this one storage solution.  This workbench can support up to 2,500 lbs. With the consolidation of benches, we’ve regained so much more floor space in the garage and I have a huge work area with the flip-top stainless steel top.  


My favorite feature is, without a doubt, the drill storage and charging station drawer.  There is even a place to store extra batteries.  The internal keyed locking system for added security gives me the added peace of mind when I have my garage door open. 




Priced at $898 this is one purchase you’ll wish you’d made a long time ago.  Click HERE for a complete tool review of the Husky Heavy-Duty 63 in. W 11-Drawer, Deep Tool Chest Mobile Workbench

Buy it here Husky Heavy-Duty 63 in. W 11-Drawer, Deep Tool Chest Mobile Workbench


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  1. My wife and I are starting to realize that we have too many items in our apartment. We need to start organizing things better and putting items into storage. I’ll try to use your advice and pack my tools into a mobile toolbox that I can put into storage for a while.

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