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Dewalt Folding Portable Workbench

Review of the Dewalt Folding Portable Workbench. It’s an easy to use compact workbench perfect for jobs on the go and small workshops.

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In a small workshop, space is a premium. I’m always looking for the perfect solution for assembling projects. In the past, I’d set up a pair of sawhorses and a sheet of plywood.  But if you’ve done this you’d know this isn’t always the most stable and sturdy solution.  Also moving the plywood for the tabletop isn’t the easiest.   A workbench that is compact, sturdy, foldable and affordably priced is like a dream come true.  But that’s exactly what you get in the Dewalt Folding Portable Workbench.


The Dewalt Folding Portable Workbench offers an extremely quick setup time of 3 seconds or less.  It weighs roughly 20lbs. and can support up to 1000lbs.  Other features include: 

  • A large work surface that accommodates a wide variety of clamping needs.
  • It’s so light and compact it can be hung on a wall so as not to take up floor space.
  • It’s priced at $99

The Setup

Setting up the Dewalt Folding Portable Workbench is super easy. Heck, even this pregnant woman could do it.  Normal set up time is like 3 seconds.  For me, it was more like 30 to 60 seconds.  Simply push down the yellow button on the side.

Then pull up the opening handle and the legs for the table unfold. 

Flip the table onto its legs and that’s it.  You’re ready to get to work.



DEWALT 6 in. and 12 in. 300 lb. Trigger Clamps Set (4-Pack) w/3.25 Throat Depth

This table is designed to work with Dewalt clamps like the DEWALT 6 in. and 12 in. 300 lb. Trigger Clamps.  The head comes off these clamps making it easy to use in various positions with this workbench.

Secure your piece and feel confident it isn’t going anywhere.  Unlike using a pair of sawhorses, I didn’t experience any wobbling when I used this workbench. Pair this table with another Dewalt Portable Workbench and you can handle large sheets of plywood.

Best Features

The opening handle can be used as a tool hanger.  It makes grabbing the tools your working with a breeze.  There is also a small holding area for screws and drill bits. 

But my favorite feature is how lightweight and portable this table is.  When the weather is nice I like being able to set up everything outside my garage in the driveway.  

All and all this is a great buy for the DIYer and contractor to take on the Jobsite.  

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