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Can I Get a Window Seat

Original Dining Room
The Original Dining Room when I bought the house

DIY Window Seat - Toolbox Divas


So I started my dining room… Oooooo 800 years ago.  So yeah, of course I’m kidding, But it was like a lifetime ago and it is driving me crazy.  OK when you’re doing some sort of renovations or updates, and you’re doing it yourself, there are bound to be delays.  In my case, there were lots of delays.  I mean life happens. No..Seriously, Life happens.  In addition, there were points and which I felt uninspired. I didn’t exactly know what direction I wanted to take. I think I had color swatches color swatches up on the walls for like 6 or 7 months trying to narrow down the right color for the room.dining room color swatches

But it is about to be a new year and I am determined not to go into the new with all these incomplete projects.  In an effort to force myself to get it all done I’ve planned an epic New Year’s eve party. Hahaha So I guess I better make it all happen.    So here I am in my dining room getting Sh#@ done. FINALLY! First on my list to complete is my window seat with additional storage.

Can I get a window Seat!? I have been planning on completing this area for years now…wait has it really been years now.  I guess so because I’ve lived in my house for over 5 years now.  meantime solution - Toolbox DivasThis area in the dining room had this “faux bench” that wasn’t really for sitting.  Well you could sit on it, but chances are you would end up on the floor.   Yea not sure what the previous owners were thinking when they put this up.  It sure wasn’t for additional seating though.  It had no support in the middle on the sides, NOTHING. It just had this flimsy molding in the front that had no real purpose. So to make it so people could actually sit on it, I had to anchor it the sides and place a large wooden dowel in the middle of the bench.  Luckily, not many people sat on it. Hahaha

It is hard to provide exact measurements and details for a window bench.  Largely because this one was customized to my home.  But this tutorial offers a rough sketchup of how the process went and how you can build a window seat/bench in your own home.

Ok Let’s Get Dirty!


  • 3/4″ Plywood – for the cabinet
  • 1×2 for the face frame
  • 2×4 for the base


Free plans for Window Seat with Built in Drawers - ToolBox DivasFree plans for Window Seat with Built in Drawers - ToolBox Divas

Free plans for Window Seat with Built in Drawers – ToolBox Divas


Window Seat - Toolbox Divas First I constructed the base using 2x4s.  I have a vent right in the middle of the window seat.  So I left space in the middle so not to cut off the air flow.

Window Seat - Toolbox DivasNext, I made the three compartment cabinet using 3/4″ plywood.  I used pocket screws.

Window Seat - Toolbox Divas

Window Seat - Toolbox Divas Apply the face frame. The face frame is constructed of 1x2s.

DSC_0758 Then I made the drawers.

Window Seat - Toolbox Divas  Attached the drawer fronts.

Window Seat - Toolbox Divas  For the top of the bench, I used extra flooring that I had left over from when I originally did the floors in my house.  To finish up, I applied wood putty, sanded and painted the seat.


Window Seat - Toolbox Divas


Window Seat - Toolbox Divas
Now it’s time to test out different wall colors

Window Seat - Toolbox Divas



OK. We are making progress… Till Next time. ~T.

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  1. I am SUCH a sucker for window seats!!! I love this! 😀

    I’m wondering… If I do this, can I put some sort of trim on the bottom, to hide the space in the base boards? Or is it possible to just do one board along the entire length of the base, so there’s no gap? This may sound like a dumb question, but I’m considering that some “breathing space” may be necessary with this bench being up against a window. Winters in the Northwest can turn older windows in moisture zones and cause mold. So much fun. 😛

    1. Thank you so much Ash! The opening is where my air vent is for the HVAC. I haven’t found the right cover yet. I think I will need to special order the size of make some sort of solution. You can do this with a complete base across. I just needed to leave space for my air vents.

  2. really nice, think you id a great job

  3. Hi, I love this tutorial. I first saw it on you tube! I can’t remember if you said it wasn’t attached to the call or not. I was thinking that’s a good idea so you could remove it if you wanted to.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s not attached so that I can get to the vent and be able to replace the window at some point.

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