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Stylish DIY Minimalist Clothes Rack

A stylish DIY hanging clothes rack for tiny spaces of small rooms without closets.

When I walk into my favorite store I can’t resist a good sale. I mean has there ever been a bad sale. The problem is I don’t have any more closet space. I know you’re probably saying, ‘Timisha, why don’t you donate some things to free up some space?’ Well, that’s a great and rational solution. But let’s face it, when you walk into your overstuffed closet that is not what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I need a bigger closet. ( Don’t judge me…I’m normal hahaha). But seriously, who couldn’t use additional closet space? Whether you’re in a tiny apartment or have a bedroom that doesn’t have a closet, this post is for you.

For this project I used dowel joinery for a portion of the project. I wanted to try something new. Last month I announced that I am in a mentoring group with Sawdust Girl, the SG Squad. As apart of the squad, under Sandra’s leadership, I am fine tuning my craftsmanship, pushing myself to that next level to become a better woodworker and carpenter.  This month we were tasked with using different types of joinery. I chose dowel joinery. Check out my experience using dowels and what I learned, the good, the bad and the freaking awesomeness.


I started by building the base or the storage center for the clothes rack.

In this part I used all dowel joinery. It turned out beautiful. It also took 3xs longer. 

But I felt good about it and how it turned out. I also knew I was going to paint the clothes rack and I was running short on time. So for the remainder of the project, I incorporated both dowels and good ole fashion pocket screws. Hahaha I know, don’t judge me. I plan on using dowels more in the near future.

So with the storage unit complete, I proceeded with making the base for the clothes rack. I am using 2×2 boards for this. It’s very inexpensive and easy to work with. However, because it is inexpensive it’s important to select boards that are as straight as possible. Also, I recommend sanding the pieces after cutting, before assembling.

First I marked the 4 legs pieces 2″ from the bottom. Then using pocket screws connected the 36.5″ boards creating the legs.

With the two legs assembled I attached it to the storage unit to ensure everything was level.

With all the pieces cut and knowing that the legs are leveled I went ahead and painted everything first. I recommend painting first then going back after it all assembled and touching up the paint.

Before assembling the rails for the  clothes rack mark and drill the holes for the wooden dowel. I used a 1 inch round dowel.

Then I assembled the top rails prior to attaching it to the storage unit.

With the legs painted I secured  them to the storage unit using spax screws. This could be done with exposed dowels, but again I  was on a tight schedule.

Next, I drilled into the top of the rack where I would insert a 3/8″ wooden dowel. I’m using dowels in a different manner now. For the rails, the dowels operate as a swivel agent.

A dowel jig was used to get the precise drill points.

Next, I added shelves to the opposite side of the mirror. I saw this as a good time to break out my new trim router. It takes practice getting those lines nice and straight Haha. I secured the shelves to the board using 3in. Spax screws. It’s important to go slow with this and make sure everything is nicely lined up.

Then I used clips to attach the mirror to the other side.

The great thing about using dowels to turn the mirror is its super easy to pop it in and out. I didn’t want to drill into the mirror panel while it’s attached to the clothes rack. That’s not stable and puts pressure on the joints.

Sooo one thing I had to change. I didn’t account for the actual thickness of clothes hangers. It’s important to have adequate spacing between the top of  the clothes rack and the dowel for  hanging clothes. Once I made that adjustment, I applied wood filler, sanded and touched up the paint. It was time to put this baby to use.


Till Next Time. ~T.

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  1. So awesome T! Absolutely LOVE how this turned out. I was so surprised to see what the final piece was after seeing just the box on your dowel joint tutorial. So good!

    1. Thank you so much Sandra! So happy you like it. This will be filled with way too many jackets in no time LOL

  2. I had to click to see the final piece and wow!! I love it Timisha!!! Awesome job!! Now I want to try building something with dowels!!😊

  3. So neat Timisha!!! Totally normal to think you need more closet space too!! 😂 Love this build!

    1. Hahaha Man don’t get between a woman and her closet LOL! Thank you Girlie!

  4. This minimalist Clodt rack with mirror, can I just buy it?

  5. The minimal closet rack, can I just buy it?

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