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Furniture Makeover: Carla Transforms an Old Desk

I am one of those women who ask for power tools for birthday and Christmas. Once a tomboy always a tomboy I guess. LOL . My first project that sent me on a path to DIY passion (or sometimes referred to by me as DIY disaster) began when I helped my dad build a book case for the house when I was in junior high.

Years later, not saying how many, I now have a blog and am a vendor for a store in our small town of Prineville, Oregon. The blog, my latest project, started this last summer and I love it. There are posts for sewing, scrapbooking, wood projects, furniture projects and many other areas will be added this winter. Go by, read a few articles and drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

This contributed post for Toolbox Divas begins with a broken down, not so old, student desk with a badly needed a total overhaul. Since I rarely walk away from a challenge this little desk had me hooked. I could see the completed piece in my head and was focused! Unfortunately, the more I worked on it the more issues I found. Ever have a piece of furniture like that? Anyway, my focus wasn’t to be deterred and that voice that was telling me to give up (I think it was my husband LOL) never penetrated my brain.

Built with wood planks that were falling apart, a side piece that appears to have been long gone leaving awkward shelving, and little to no stability I glued and clamped my way through both sides and the top.

1 2 3

After removing those weird shelves on the left side and basically putting it back together, it still needed structure to make it sturdy. I added support on the bottom back side leaving the back open for sitting comfort and ‘runners’ on the bottom of the legs for extra support.

The drawer supports were also falling off and those were secured with more glue and my Ryobi Brad Nailer.


Then it was finally ready for paint and dress-up. General Finishes Black and Linen were used for the paint colors and I also switched out the old wooden knobs for a more fitting knob that fits it new style.

5 6

Even after a little distressing it still needed some extra punch. I added a basket and a couple of hooks to the left side for more storage and organization.


I also used a portion of a stencil to dress-up the bottom two drawers.


From drab and sad to dazzling and sensational.

10 11

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