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25 DIY Wood Outdoor Furniture Project Ideas

Get ready for outdoor living and activities with these easy DIY wood outdoor furniture project ideas. You are sure to find a few that will work in your outdoor space!

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I love when the cold weather goes away and it starts to get warm again. I am not a cold weather person and snow is definitely a four letter word around our house. Bring on the sunshine and fresh air!

I enjoy making things with my own two hands, especially when people think it came from a store. Making DIY outdoor furniture is no exception. There is just something so satisfying about being able to say “I made that”.

Deciding on what wood to use to build your outdoor furniture can be hard. You want it to last, you don’t want to have to do a lot of maintenance, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune. Let’s talk about the best wood for outdoor furniture then you can decide which one is best for your project.

What is the best type or wood to use when making DIY wood outdoor furniture?


Teak is the most desirable and the ideal wood to use for building outdoor furniture. It will stand up to the elements and requires little maintenance except for an occasional cleaning with soap and water. You don’t have to stain or seal it because the natural oil in the wood does that for you. It is on the higher end of the price range due to it’s durability and high demand.


Oak is a desirable wood for DIY wood outdoor furniture because it is strong, durable, and sturdy. It’s medium brown color never goes out of style and is less expensive than other types of wood used for outdoor furniture building. It does require a protective coating of some type to help it ward off the elements or covering it up is an even better option when it’s not in use.


Cedar is the perfect wood to use for DIY wood outdoor furniture. It is naturally resistant to the weather and like teak it has natural protective oils so there is no need to apply a protective coating. Cedar is also an expensive wood to build with, but the benefits of the low maintenance factor make it definitely one to consider for your outdoor furniture build.

Structural Grade Lumber

Structural lumber makes this list because of it’s strength and price. It’s a sturdy alternative to the higher prices options and can be stained or painted any color you choose. It will definitely need a protective coating to keep it safe from the weather and will require maintenance to keep it looking nice. It may be more work to maintain, but the cost of the material makes it worth considering for your outdoor furniture build.

Now that we have that out of the way, on to the good stuff! Wait until you see these DIY wood outdoor furniture project ideas!

DIY Wood Outdoor Furniture Project Ideas

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What will you build first?

Let’s get dirty!

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