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Review of Bosch BLAZE 135 ft. Laser Measure (The New Tape Measure)

Review of Bosch BLAZE 135 ft. Laser Measure. It’s so much more than a tape measure.

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The Bosch BLAZE 135 ft. Laser Measure offers a full-color display. It is an amazingly accurate measuring tool.

Hey guys! I am a ToolBox Dude and I am sharing my thoughts for the first time on ToolBox Divas.  Thanks, Ladies, for making me feel welcomed. A few weeks ago I celebrated father’s day. I received an assortment of high tech tools, tools that hint at getting my other half’s honey-do list completed.

But of all the tools I received, there is one tool I have fallen in love with, the Bosch BLAZE 135 ft. Laser Measure

How it works

The Bosch GLM 42 per excerpts from the user manual is referred to as laser tape measure or a rangefinder per the guys I have shown this the tool to. It makes use of a laser beam to measure distance instead of a physical tape measure. You press the red top button or the on/off button on the GLM42 and it activates the laser beam. Aim your laser at the point you wish to measure and the device magically comes up with the length of that distance you are measuring.  One thing worth noting, you must point the beam on a wall or object otherwise the beam goes on forever and a measurement reading will not display. So set up a designated target (a stopping point for the beam) to ensure an accurate reading of the distance between point A and B. The distance from your GLM 42 to the wall or whatever you are measuring is calculated with precision optics from the rear of the tool, the middle or the front. 

You can set the device to measure the distance from the bottom, middle of the device or the front end of the device- making it easy to compensate for hard to workspaces.

WARNING: Do not look at the business end when laser is on or when device is on for that matter. DO NOT look into the laser.  Also never shine the laser into anyone else’s eyes for that matter.

Unlike your traditional tape measure, this measuring device can measure hard to reach spaces like the ceiling and there’s no need for a ladder or assistance. It is efficient – you don’t waste time jostling with a physical tape measure, and you can rest assure the measurement is precise down to 1/16th of an inch – that’s tight. There are also a variety of measurement options in addition to calculating actual length, the laser measure calculates area and volume just to name a few.


A surprising feature

The Bosch BLAZE Laser Measure is also a digital level.  This was like the icing on the cake.

Note the digital bubble level

While working on a recent outdoor project, I didn’t have to haul around multiple tools.  This did everything I needed and it fit into my pocket.

Things I liked the most

  • It is extremely accurate.
  • The blue backlit color display made it easy to read.
  • You can save measurements.
  • It comes with a little canvas bag.
  • And probably the coolest measurement option may actually be volume.  Using the GLM 42 you can calculate the volume of paint requirement for walls, decks and other spaces.  This is a great cost savings feature. 


Things that could be updated

  • While I love that this tool has a level, the level bubble or symbol is a bit tiny.  I didn’t notice it right away.  But once I did I found it to be quite accurate and helpful.
  • And yea, it could use some reflective pain so it can be located in dark spaces when it is face down.  Also bright light blocks out the display. 
  • It takes 2 AAA batteries.  It’s just a hassle having to go get batteries when it dies.  Thankfully it came with batteries.

However, overall this tool has an awesome suite of tools in its compact form.  It still manages to be ergonomically despite the square edges.  Without the canvas case it comes with, it fits into your pocket. It’s slightly bulky, but it works. It is cushioned to protect from falling.

All in all, if you are a homeowner, DIYer or pro, this is your go-to measuring tool.


** Article written by a ToolBox Dude**

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