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How to Install Faux Wood Blinds

Learn how to install faux wood blinds in this easy to follow tutorial.

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You can have a beautifully decorated space when you with affordable faux wood blinds. They look much like real wood and it’s difficult to tell if you are not close enough to feel and smell the product. It’s made of vinyl and you can customize the look of each room in your home with different color faux wood blinds.

Faux wood blinds have many benefits. It’s moisture and humidity resistant so its perfect for areas with high humidity like the bathroom or kitchen. Faux wood blinds won’t warp or fade. they come available for different room applications to block out light or to permit some degree of light to suit the need of the room and your illumination taste (shade).

At the end of the day, faux wood vinyl blinds are a low-cost choice for window and door treatments that won’t break your budget but make great design sense.

This is a general diagram of a window and its components:


Now let’s get to installing our faux wood blackout blinds. We will be anchoring the brackets to the underside of the head jamb – see image above.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

Open your faux window blind package and separate the pieces per the instructions.

You’ll find the screws, valance, valance clip and end box brackets, and depending on the length of the blinds a center installation support bracket.

End box brackets
Center Installation Support bracket  

Prepare box brackets for installation.

You will need to open the hinged gate at the front box bracket. 

Open the front of the bracket by pressing on the tab or button of the bracket to release the locking tab while lifting the front gate.  The opening depends on the kind of blinds you purchased but for the most part, they are similar.  It should look similar to this:

End box brackets – open position
Note this is an inside window installation, but if it were for an outdoor window application it pretty much the same. 

Mark bracket location and holes on the window surface for installation of the blinds.

Measure the blinds and window to ensure you have the proper fit.

The top of the window where you anchor the brackets is called the head. Position the box brackets at each end of the headrail. Depending on the installation location, box brackets can be attached using the top, back, or side holes. When using a single-center support bracket, center it between the box brackets. For more than one center support bracket, space the support brackets.
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Make sure the brackets will not interfere with the cord mechanism or any other parts or windows function. Mark the location of the desired bracket mounting holes, making sure that they are square and equally spaced.   It should look like this.  I recommend predrilling the holes before going back in and drilling the screws in place.  
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Your faux wood window blinds manufacturer will recommend some tolerances as to how flush the brackets should be against the window or not. So refer to the manual of the blinds for specific recommendations.

Placement of the brackets.

If you are installing inside the window jamb installation the bracket placement should look like this. 
If you’re installing the blinds outside of the window casing it will look more like this. 

Blind Installation

Align the headrail with the center support and box brackets. The headrail should have the tilt mechanism facing toward the room.
If the headrail can slide from side to side in the box brackets, you can use a flat head screwdriver to bend out the tabs on the end of the until it is snug. Lower the front gate of each box bracket and press until the locking tab clicks into place.   
Push headrail into the brackets at each end of the window.  Then close the box bracket by pushing down the bracket locks.

Installing Valance Clip and Valance

Installing the valance is a 2 part process. Your blinds manufacturer will supply the correct number of valance clips needed.
Step 1. Attach the loose plastic Valance Clips to the front of the headrail, one at each end. Space any remaining clips evenly. Press the slot in the valance against the bottom post of the valance clip and rotate it upwards.
 Step 2. Push the Valance against the Valance Clip. The two parts should snap together. 


Operating Your Faux Wood Blinds.

Since some faux window blinds are equipped with pull strings and some are not, it is recommended you follow your manufacturer’s guidelines.
Now enjoy your new window treatments.

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