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Weatherizing Your Windows, Cheap and Easy Solutions

In my home I have window that are original to the home.  They are 30 years old and in dire need of replacement. My windows are incredibly drafty. I can literally feel the money I loose when its cold.  Sadly after purchasing a brand new HVAC system it left very little funds to replace my windows at this time.  New windows would cost around $7,000 – $8,000, annnnnd right now, that is just not in the budget.  Fortunately, I discovered an extremely affordable to solution to resolve my drafty windows while strolling the aisles of my Home Depot.

Here’s what I did and what you could do to combat Old Man Winter. It’ll save you money and drastically reduce heat and energy loss.

MaterialsWeatherization of Windows - ToolBox Divas


  1. Remove any window treatment, curtains and or blinds.
  2. Clean the window casing, the moulding and window sill.
  3. Apply double-sided tape around the borders of the window. (Optional: Add a 2nd layer of double sided tape above the original tape. The bottom tape will be for securing the bubble wrap.)Weatherizing Your Windows, Cheap and Easy Solutions - ToolBox Divas Weatherizing Your Windows, Cheap and Easy Solutions - ToolBox Divas
  4. Wait 10- 15 minutes and remove the paper backing on the tape.Weatherizing Your Windows, Cheap and Easy Solutions - ToolBox Divas
  5. (Optional: Attach the bubble wrap to the inner tape. This will add additional support.)
  6. Unwrap and cut the sheet from the kit 2 to 3 inches wider and longer than the window you are covering.
  7. Apply the plastic sheet to the outer double sided tape. Make sure to pull tight as applying the sheet to the tape smoothing out any wrinkles.
  8. Using a blow dryer smooth and eliminate any wrinkles by running it in a diagonal motion 4 to 6 inches from the sheet. The plastic sheet will shrink and tighten. Weatherizing Your Windows, Cheap and Easy Solutions - ToolBox Divas
  9. Trim any excess plastic.Weatherizing Your Windows, Cheap and Easy Solutions - ToolBox Divas


Do you have a patio glass door? You can provide additional insulation by applying simple bubble wrap directly to the glass.  I feel like I constantly have this stuff around from packages that may come in the mail of after unwrapping a new tool.  Haha so this was a super easy and free update for me.

  1. Clean the glass surface
  2. Using a spray bottle filled with water, spray the glass with water.Weatherization of Windows - ToolBox Divas
  3. Cut the bubble wrap to the length of the window.Weatherization of Windows - ToolBox Divas  Weatherization of Windows - ToolBox Divas Weatherization of Windows - ToolBox Divas Weatherization of Windows - ToolBox Divas
  4. Apply bubbles facing the glass. Secure the seams with packing tape.



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  1. I did this today after reading your article and it really worked. We had 2 windows on our porch that weren’t double pane and this will really help till we can replace them this spring. Have to much snow right now.

    Thanks for your greAt tip. So cheap.

  2. Debra Hood says:

    This is an odd question but would this work on an unused doggy door as even closed, the cold air comes in.

    1. This would not be very efficient. But It could offer a really quick meantime solution. I’d double it up and make sure its really pulled tight. It’s so inexpensive its worth a try. Please keep me posted.

  3. Hi, I’m not sure how adding a layer of tape over the tape already applied will help with the bubble wrap…are you suggesting applying bubble tape first and then placing the smooth wrap over that…would that mean that the tape for the bubble wrap would be placed next to the tape for the smooth wrap (the one you blow dry)…an image would help me…

    1. The bubble wrap would be all you would use for this method. The tape is just in case the edges start to come up. You’d add a little tape to hold down the edges. However, the water should be enough to hold the bubble wrap in place.

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