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Review of Knaack Model 44 Jobmaster Work Bench

**Sponsored post. I was given the Model 44 JOBMASTER by Knaack.  All opinions and views are my own.**

Hey Guys! So I am always “Trapped in My Garage!”  I mean actually, it’s my haven, she den of sorts.  I am always in there working on something.  And I am constantly struggling with organization.  Like many creative folks, there’s always 10 projects going on at once.  Problem is at the end of the day my workspace also looked like I have 10 ( OK maybe 20 if I’m honest) things going on at one.   So when I was offered the chance to check out the Knaack Model 44 Jobmaster Rolling Work Bench I literally jumped out of my seat at the opportunity.  And I’ve got to tell you, this work bench did not disappoint.  So traditionally many of the work benches come in tan.  But this JOBMASTER bench also comes in BLUE!!

On the day it arrived I was literally waiting by the door for the delivery man, peeking out of the window every 5 minutes, Hahaha. Finally, the guy arrives and is super nice to roll the pallet holding the work bench into the center floor of my garage. I was so grateful because this thing is heavy.  The box weighs 240 lbs and the Model 44 has the loading capacity of 800lbs.  So the set up of this workbench definitely required two sets of hands and a car jack in my case came in very handy.

The Unpackaging of the Knaack

Knaack 44 in. 4-Drawer Rolling Work Bench


OK, this is where we had a slight hiccup. Nothing serious but all I can say is ‘reading is fundamental!’ Hahaha! OK So I’ll admit, I’m that girl that would just jump into something and not read the instructions.  I buy electronics or something with parts and I start putting it together without even glancing at the instructions manual.  That habit drove my dad insane.  He always had to read everything and lay it all out in a nice line before he attached anything. Took him FOREVER! Well, this is where I probably should have taken a line from his book.  When it came time to open the cabinet doors to install the latch….we couldn’t figure out how to open it. (Hey, don’t judge me!) Hahaha! What we failed to realize was the instructions on how to open the doors were on the outside of the work bench box…. YEP, it was right there and we missed it. So the lesson learned that day is to not throw away the box or destroy it before you get started.  It may have invaluable information needed to open doors.  🙂

Customizing My New Toolbox

I customized by workbench by spray painting the handles coral.  Then using my Cricut I added vinyl decals of my logo. Using Velcro I attached a heavy duty power strip with USB ports.



So here is where I made a change.  The workbench comes with customized casters. 2 were multi- directional swivel type wheels, while the other 2 were fixed or one directional.  This made it very challenging for me to move in tight spaces.


My garage has limited space. It’s tight.  So I changed out the fixed wheels for 2 swivel wheels that I picked up from my local Home Depot.  And I’ve got to tell you it was AMAZING!

Gitty after installing the new swivel coasters on my KNAACK.


So the best features about the Model 44 work bench, besides the fact that it is virtually indestructible, are the super deep drawers and the fact that the whole thing is magnetic.  I can load these drawers up…And I did by the way.  And these drawers slide with ease.  It can support up to 80lbs.   My Husky Magnetic Bowl is perfectly fine on top of the workbench or on the side.  It definitely has a hold on things. Inside the doors, my saw blades stick with ease to the back of the door with Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnet Discs.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so organized in my life….well my garage life.







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