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Easy DIY Pallet Coasters

Guests have no excuse when visiting with these super cute pallet style coasters.  If you’re like me, coasters aren’t something you think about until someone comes over and tries to place a perspiring drink on your brand new coffee table.  Then they leave, and you’re left with a dried up water ring on your new furniture.  Yea,  that sucks! Here’s how you can make inexpensive coasters that match your decor and fits your over all style.

Let’s Get….Crafty?! 😉

Materials (This will make approx. 4 coasters)



  1. Cut the square dowels to size. You can easily make these cuts for using a mitersaw block and a Japanese handsaw.
  2. Stain the wooden dowels before assembling.
  3. Start by assembling the base of the coaster.Take two 1/2 in dowels and attach the smaller 3/8in dowel from end to end. Then repeat forming a square.  In the center attach the remaining 3/8in. dowel.        
  4. Flip the coaster over and evenly space the 1/2in dowels.     
  5. Now mark off the area you would like to paint with painters tape.  Paint and allow it to dry.
  6. Repeat steps




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OK Now Use it! Till Next Time. ~T.


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  2. Not only are these super cute but they also won’t stick to your glass when you pick it up like the cheap cork coasters do!

  3. Super cute coasters and easy too. This could be fun to make for gifts in the receivers favorite color/s. Thank You for excellent instructions! YOU are Awesome.🙂🤣

  4. it,s an amazing and easy idea to make pallet coasters, I love this idea, I really try it

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