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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the DIY Dad

Last minute gift ideas for Father’s Day for every kind of dad.

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Caught off guard by the fact that Father’s Day is literally days away? That’s ok, I’ve got you covered.  The other day my mom called and asked me what I was getting Dad for Father’s Day.  I was like, ‘Ahh, well, Darn that’s like  10 days away!’ Seriously, I totally spaced out and forgot all about it to be honest.  I am SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOO last minute when it comes to buying gifts.  Often times, I buy gifts the same day.   So I proudly claim the title of the Official Last Minute Gift Buyer.  However, luckily for you, I’ve done the research so you won’t have to. Here is a list of last minute great gift ideas for dad that will leave him thinking he has the best kid in the world.


The Unorganized Dad

Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Tool Box 

The Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Tool Box is like an organizer, toolbox and rolling cart all wrapped up into one.  There’s a place on top to tiny pieces and parts like screws, nuts, and bolts.  The middle storage is like a normal size toolbox fit for screwdrivers and wrenches.  The bottom storage is excellent for storing larger power tools like a circular saw, drill, and sander.  It’s all pretty sturdy.  Dad will have no excuse but to get organized and put away his tools. Also, he can haul his tools over to your house whenever you call him to help you out with a project. 




The Neat Freak Dad

Dremel Versa 4-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Power Cleaner Tool

Ahh the ‘Neat Freak’ Dad… This brings back memories of Saturday mornings at my Dad’s house and him saying ‘Wake up guys! It’s Saturday, time to clean up’ LOL. The joy 

Well, the Dremel Versa 4-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Power Cleaner Tool has his name written all over it. It’s wireless, ergonomic and this little baby has got power.  It can clean the grime off the stove and oven, dirty grout on the floors and the old grill with dried up BBQ sauce.  I’ve seen this thing remove paint from a window. 


Last Minute father's day gift ideas - Toolbox Divas


The Techie Dad

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 LED 60W Equiv. Dimmable Smart Wireless Lighting Starter Kit

It’s amazing what you can do these days.  The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 LED 60W Equiv. Dimmable Smart Wireless Lighting Starter Kit allows you to control the lights with your voice. (Where’s the mind-blowing emoji when you need one).  Dad’s who are obsessed with all things techie will love this gift.  He will be able to control the lights with a smartphone.  He can even use it with Amazon Alexa. So just to provide you will a few facts about these Hue lights, it can light up with 16 MILLION colors and 50,000 shades of white.  


The Handy Dad

Ridgid Brushless 18V Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit

For The Handy of Not So Handy Dad, I recommend a drill/impact driver combo like the Ridgid Brushless 18V Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit.  This combination drill/driver and Impact driver kit comes with 2 batteries and a charge and carrying bag. Its brushless motor allows 50% more run time than the average drill/impact driver.  And at $179 it is an excellent value for the Weekend Warrior.  Another bonus is Ridgid tools come with a lifetime warranty.


The Cheap Kid – Gifts Under $50 (  I got you covered)

Bosch Multi-Purpose Carbide Drill Bits for Drilling Tile, Masonry, Wood, Metal, and Concrete (5-Piece)

Husky 5in. Digital Protractor

Husky 28-Drawer Small Parts Organizer

Now, these gift ideas are based on the kid.  Let’s say you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you’re looking for something under $50.  These items are all priced just under $20.  You can bundle it together or give as a stand-alone gift.  The Bosch Multi-Purpose Carbide Drill Bits for Drilling Tile, Masonry, Wood, Metal and Concrete (5-Piece) Multi-grind head drills 85% faster in metal than standard bits.  It can drill in to just about anything (brick, block, tile, fiber cement, wood, plastic, and metal).  The Husky 28- Drawer Small Parts organizer is just another way to keep dad organized.  And the Husky Digital Protractor will ensure his accuracy.


The Practical Dad

Home Depot Gift Card

Finally, The practical Dad, my favorite. You can’t really put a price on spending time with Dad.  But I recommend getting Dad a gift card to the Home Depot and go hang out with him.  Ain’t nothing like spending some time with dad while he walking the aisles of The Home Depot while he tries to figure out how to spend his shiny new Home Depot Gift Card.



And just a reminder, Father’s Day is June 17.  

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! ~T.

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