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DIY Floating Bookshelf

How to make a DIY floating bookshelf or bookcase.

Hey Guys!  I’ve teamed up with to offer free plans for a floating wall mounted bookshelf that is so versatile it can be used in any room of the house. Whether you’re a book lover or you’re just looking for additional storage, bookshelves or bookcases are always helpful.

***This post is sponsored by Kreg Tools.***

DIY Floating Bookshelf - Toolbox Divas

I’m not a huge reader, but when I do buy books, I love buying hardback books.  And I love displaying them once I’m done reading it, like its artwork.  The problem is I don’t want a ton of bookcases cluttering the space, taking up floor space.  From time to time, I would see these wall mounted modern bookcases online for sale. I absolutely love the geometric shape and the clean sleek lines of these modern bookshelves and the versatility of these floating shelves. I can put it up in the bedroom, the living room, or even the dining room, displaying wine glasses and decorative dishes. These shelves even look great in a kids room.

With this bookcase mounted on the wall, I wanted it is apart of the room’s overall decor, like wall art.  The complete plans and the cut list can be found at  However, I want to provide some tips for you, when your building your bookshelf and show you how you can easily change out the backing of this bookcase to fit any style or occasion.




Tips on building this bookcase:

This project can easily be made using a single sheet of plywood.  Using a Kreg Rip-Cut and a circular saw, you can cut the pieces to size.  But take make everything go quickly, I used 1x8x8 off the shelf lumber from my local home center and cut everything down with a miter saw.

 It is important to make sure all the pieces are square and properly aligned when assembling the frame of the bookcase.  Using a speed square and right angle clamp greatly helps during this process.

I chose a metal french cleat that I bought from my local home center.  I used it because it is sleek and isn’t bulky.  It also supports up to 200lbs.  But you can easily, using a piece of board, create your own.

To create versatility with this piece I decided to use thumbtacks to attach fabric to the back of the bookshelf.   It is important to pull the fabric tight so that there isn’t any sagging fabric nor seams showing in the back of the bookcase.  I love this because I can literally change the fabric to fit the design of the room based on the season, like for the Spring, Fall, and Christmas.

The Fabric

I am like my mother because I collect fabric.  Every time I’m in a store and I see some sort of pretty fabric, I’m like I’ve got to have it.   So went to my stash or rather bins of fabric and I started checking out how it would look behind the bookcase.  I LOVED It.  With each piece, it changed the whole look of the bookshelf. You will need a little over a yard or fabric (37 inches to be exact).

I totally had fun with this.  The best thing about fabric is you can take risks.  Go loud,  go bold, go geometric or monochromatic.  It doesn’t matter because as quickly as you put it up on the wall, you can quickly change out the fabric backing. Or you can opt to go with a backing and use your actual wall as the backdrop for this bookcase. The possibilities are endless.  I’d love to see your take on this floating bookcase.  Do you prefer a fabric backing or no backing for your bookcase?


Link to complete build plans and cut listDIY Floating BookShelf

Till Next Time. ~T.


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***This post is sponsored by Kreg Tools.***



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  1. Looks great, I need something like this for all my son’s books we’ve managed to accumulate. At the moment we are using the white idea shelves which look good but aren’t very practical as they have no sides. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Russ, this bookshelf would look great in your son’s room. And it’s a super simple build. I’m so glad I was able to offer some inspiration.

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