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How to Easily Use a Chalk Line

Learn how to use a Chalk line in this easy to follow tutorial.

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The Milwaukee 100 ft. Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reel is a simple device but is probably one of the most useful and practical tools you could own.  The Chalk reel is used to create a crisp perfectly straight line in just one snap. Matter of fact, there is no other tool except a laser that can make a perfectly straight line over a long distance so consistently and reliably.  In this article, I’m going to show how to use a chalk reel using the Milwaukee 100 ft. Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reel.


The Chalk Reel

Let me tell you a little about the Milwaukee 100 ft. Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reel before we jump into the tutorial on how to use a chalk reel. The Milwaukee 100 ft. Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reel chalk string marks with an extra bold line giving you maximum visibility. It holds 18 oz. of chalk.  The reel comes with one 100 ft. extra-bold large capacity chalk reel.  It does not come with the chalk needed to mark the line.  

How to Use a Chalk Line

  1. Head to your local Home Center and purchase the color chalk powder you like to use. There are several colors of chalks out there red, blue, white and fluorescent chalk. Red powder is for outdoor and blue powder is for indoor. In addition to suggested chalk colors for indoor and outdoor use, there is the durability of the chalk itself. Some chalk stays on the surface longer than other so make sure to check how long the chalk stays on the surface.
  2. Now that you have procured your powdered chalk it’s time to get chalk lining.  Fill the chalk box on your Milwaukee 100 ft Extra Large Capacity Chalk reel half way or more but not to the lip of the box with powder from your squeeze bottle. Tap the chalk box gently to settle the chalk.
  3. Hook the end of the drawstring,  the Milwaukee 100 ft Extra Large Capacity Chalk reel does not have a hook, it has a ring so you will need to anchor it with a nail or something on the job site.
  4. Extend the chalked line over the area you are marking grab the string between your thumb and forefinger. To chalk, a line lift the string straight up, not too high about 3 to 4 inches depending on how taunt you have pulled the powdered string. Release the string and it snaps to the ground and like magic, your line is on the work surface.

Note, the longer the line, the tighter you will have to stretch the string to keep it straight.

Like I mentioned earlier, the chalk reel is a simple tool and not much can go wrong with it. When the string frays cut out the frayed spot and reconnect the ring.  If the string gets wet, fully extend it, leave it unwound and let it dry.  If the chalk in the box gets wet to take it apart clear out the wet chalk, clean the unit up and reassemble it.


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