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Learn to Tile Like a Pro Recap

So Last week I had the amazing pleasure of hosting Hometalk’s DIY Facebook session.  It was so much fun.  put on safety gogglesI showed you how anyone could tile just about anything with these simple steps.  Often we can become intimidated by the fear of the unknown.  We went through a simple and easy manner in which anyone can complete their own tiling project using the SimpleMat by Custom Building and a premixed gout also by Custom Building.


  • SimpleMat Tile setting sheets
  • Tiles
  • Pre-mixed Grout
  • Grout float
  • Spacers
  • Scissors
  • Bucket
  • Tile saw or cutter


tiling at tile cutters  20160927_151640



  1. Start with a clean, dry, flat surface
  1. Peel the white backing off the tiling mat.  putting up the tile mat
  1. Apply mat to surface keeping the clear film on. Press and smooth to remove creases and bubbles.
  1. When ready to tile remove clear plastic. But do it as you go.putting up the tile
  1. Before you tile you always want to do a dry fitting – figure out your tile pattern and get the basic measurements for the tile cuts.
  1. Make your tile cuts. You can achieve most cuts if tackling a small area and small tiles by using a simple tile cutter or a tile saw. Always buy extra tiles.
  1. Gently place tile in place. Use spacers for proper spacing. (I obviously did not use any spacers in this demo Smh.  )grout
  1. Now Grout and wipe and Done! learn to tile2  Learn to tile

You can totally do this!!

Join me tonight Facebook Live at 7pm

Hope you all Join me again tonight at 7pm on Facebook.

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  1. Sammie Williams says:

    You are a very impressive person and looking at your projects on your blog you are a hard worker. I like your delivery style on your tile video and it’s enjoyable to see that you are so enthusiastic about your work and you have a great time! Made me smile and it gave me confidence to try the tile project in my own home. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Sammie! It means a lot to me what you said. I appreciate it. I really do enjoy what I do. 🙂 Have confidence in your abilities. I believe in you.

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