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Create a Romantic Bedroom Through These 7 Tips

As we countdown to Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share a few tips on creating a romantic bedroom through décor and ambiance.  I’ll admit I normally don’t get caught up in
the festivities of Valentine’s.  While I love the flowers, I’ve always seen Valentine’s as a day filled with chocolates and sweets that are not exactly friendly to the size of my waistline.  But this year I’m feeling a little sentimental.

How you choose to decorate your room is totally up to you. Décor and what’s deemed romantic is and will always be a personal preference.  But I thought I’d share a few key elements that should be considered when creating romance in your space.

Clean  – A clean clutter free bedroom is an absolute must.  If you decide your only doing one thing to create a romantic and peaceful bedroom, then I say clean your room.   A dirty room, ladies, that’s not sexy.

Aromatherapy – I am all about aromatic oils.  Essential oils have been shown to affect our moods and physical wellbeing.  Not to mention it’ll have your bedroom smelling good. Stick to oils found at your local organic market, such as Whole foods, to ensure its quality. My favorite oils are Jasmine and Rose.

Lighting – It sets the tone. Dimmers are awesome for creating mood lighting. But not everyone is going to take the time out to install or have someone install dimmers in the bedroom.  It’s just not practical.  But you can purchase a Touch Pad Dimmer Light Control for your lamp or use
candles.  I am a huge proponent of flameless candles.  It’s great in emergencies, safe and energy efficient.  Also many work on timers.

Color – Color is key.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with color.  However I would shy away from your lemon yellows and lime greens.  But
you can create the feeling of romance without using the color red.  I myself am not a fan of the color red. Stick with softer tones such as pearl, light gray, gold and other neutral colors.  Use accent pieces with warmer tones like shades of red or coral in my case.  Wall art can be used as accent pieces to bring in color and warmth.

Bedding and Fabrics – A comfortable bed will create a warm and inviting bedroom that will make it hard to get up in the morning. Create coziness with feel good fabrics and textures.  Sheets with a higher thread count feel amazing.  But If I’m being fully honest, I have to say that LOVE jersey sheets.  I know turn up your noses, but jersey sheets are normally inexpensive and feel like I’m wearing my favorite soft cotton T-shirt to bed… But we are talking romance right now, so lets stick with the higher thread count sheets.  Your bed and bedding should be comfortable.  Low cost options can be found at TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Target.
I love pillows, however I understand pillows are not for everyone.  Too many pillows can sometimes get in the way. I recommend Goose down pillows and comforters because it creates a plush and cozy bed. Affordable options are available at Target.  But don’t go crazy with these items because it can quickly add up.  I buy one pillow
at a time; slowly replacing my old pillows for the goose downed ones. I was able to pick up a goose-downed comforter at Target on sale at the end of the
winter season. It was the best find at 40% off.  Duvets over comforters easier to clean because you simply remove it like a pillowcase and drop it in the washer.  In addition, duvets are smaller making it easier to store away.  In many cases it’s cheaper than comforter sets. It’s a quick way to change the color and feel of your bedroom with very little effort.

Music – Solidify the overall ambiance of the room with soft music. Make a soothing playlist of your favorite tunes such as Michael BubléJane Monheit, Lalah Hathaway, Will Downing, Euge Grove (I can really go on with this all day) and Gerald Albright.  I use Rhapsody to create my playlist, however, there’s SpotifyiTunes, and Pandora. I recommend using a Bluetooth speaker or sound bar.  It eliminates unsightly wires and can be synced to your smartphone or tablet.

Fresh Flowers – I just love fresh flowers.  I don’t really need an excuse to buy them, but if you ever needed an excuse Valentine’s would be a good
one.  Flowers are aromatic and bring life to a space.  It’s the cherry on top of that fantastic sundae.  Instead of purchasing a ready made bouquet, try your hand at assembling your own arrangement but purchasing flowers for $3 and $4 a bundle from your local grocer and placing in your favorite vase.  It’s cheaper, unique and just darn prettier.
Don’t feel as though you have to go out and buy all new things. Work with what you have. It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Beauty is found in the imperfections of life and decor.  If you like whimsy, be whimsical. The most important thing is that your room is clean and clutter free and you feel relaxed in your space.

Now set it off with a little sweets, champagne or apple cider in my case and ENJOY!

Happy Valentine’s Divas! Love yourself and the life God has given you because you are LOVED!


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