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Super Easy DIY Dream Catcher

I’ve always been intrigued by the mystery and mystic of dream catchers. When you search online for dreamcatchers you can find all these intricate beautiful creations adorned with this beautiful array of feathers and beads. It is said that if you hang a dreamcatcher above your bed it’ll remove any bad dreams and pass down sweet pleasant dreams via the feathers. For the longest I just admired them from afar, thinking it would be cool to make one of those one day. Well I guess its safe to say one day is here 😁.

Here’s what I did.


  • Small wooden arrow ( I found mine on clearance at Target)
  • Jute
  • Feathers of various sizes
  • Beads
  • String for threading the beads
  • Wire
  • Ribbon
  • Cross stitch wooden hoop
  • 4 small eye hooks


  • Hot glue gun


1. Start with the wooden arrow. I screwed in the small eye screws, two on the top for hanging the dreamcatcher and two to hang the wooden hoop.

2. Embellish the arrow. I decorated my arrow with washi tape.

3. Now its time wrap the wooden hoop with ribbon. I secured the ribbon using a hot glue gun. On a side note, I absolutely love my new cordless hot glue gun by Ryobi.😄

Use the inner loop of the cross stitch hoop and tightly wrap the ribbon.

Step 4. Weave the net. This is where people have gotten really creative. I kept it simple with a basic web. Start by tying  knot at one corner. Then loop the jute from one corner to another creating the first layer of the web.

Step 5. Proceed with creating the remaining inner loops working from the outside in. You loop the jute in the center of the ajoining loop. Tie and secure with the hot glue gun.

You don’t have to loop to the center of the hoop. You can leave the center open like I did.

Step 6. String up the feathers and beads using string and wire.

Step 7. Run the jute through the top eye screws. This is what you will hang the dreamcatcher from.

Step 8. Hang the feathers from the bottom of the hoop. I recommend odd numbers of feathers and hang it symmetrically.


Ok Y’all Hang your Dreamcatcher and sweet dreams. 😉 ~T.



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