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The Bosch 40 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser with VisiMax Green Beam

Review of the Bosch 40 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser with VisiMax Green Beam.

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Bosch has given us a new compact portable tape measure size leaser measurement technology with its 40 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser with VisiMax Green Beam (GLL40-20G).  It’s a green laser people! My mind is blown. The red laser is an excellent laser, but unlike the red laser, the green laser has been scientifically proven to be more visible to the human eye. So here are my thoughts on the new GLL40-20G laser.

Features and Specifications

The GLL40-20G laser unit comes with a cushioned pouch for storage, two AA batteries, and a flexible mounting device.  Priced at $129,  the  GLL40-20G laser is primarily meant for interior use.  It has a Smart Pendulum System that indicates if you are in or out of level.  The Bosch Exclusive VisiMax technology monitors the device’s temperature and power consumption to deliver a bright line when in use.

The GLL40-20G 40 ft. Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser with VISIMAX:

  • Projects green lines with 40 feet range with a +-5/16” accuracy up to 30 feet.
  • Features 1/4 in. to 20 in. tripod thread for use with MM 2 mount or tripod.
  • It’s Ergonomic, compact and light.
  • It can operate in Cross-line mode which means it projects 2 lines that cross to show you exactly level and plumb.
  • The laser lines wrap around walls which is a great feature especially in wall tile applications that wrap around the room.
  • The green laser is 4x brighter than your standard red lasers.  


What is VISIMAX – in a nutshell, it is power management of a laser diode so that it performs at the peak of its performance curve without destroying itself.

The VISIMAX technology solves several problems with lasers.  First is brightness.  Not all lasers are bright.  With VISIMAX, the laser is designed to give maximum beam brightness for every condition.  Generally with an un-managed laser diode the brighter the diode, the quicker the batteries die and the quicker the Diodes degrade. Another thing VISIMAX offers is the system constantly monitors the temperature to protect the diodes from overheating.  So as the tool maximizes brightness, the tool also measures the temperature to make sure it doesn’t run too hot and ruin the diodes.

And finally, VISIMAX will automatically adjust the light to the brightest light possible. 

Ease of Use

After unpacking the unit I took it to my garage and put it through its test. The case of the GLL40-20G is plastic with an ABS+TPE rubber bumper to cushion the device from fall. It is recommended you not drop the device but if you do there is some protection. After loading the two AA batteries into the unit I pushed the red mechanical switch on the left side of the unit to on and out came a green vertical and horizontal green like a +.  The green laser is crisp and well defined somehow it felt easy on the eyes.

Initially, I secured the unit to my camera’s tripod ¼” X 20 screw, no problem there it worked with the tripod.

The automatic leveling function did the trick and brought the device in true after a few seconds. I adjusted the tripod to make things uneven just to see how the device compensated or warn about the irregular surface.

Once the unit gets above the plus-minus 4-degree inclination the green laser light flashes on off at 1 pulse per second continually until corrected.

I then moved the unit from my tripod and secure it to the flexible mounting device.

The flexible mounting device does exactly that, allows the user to clamp the unit to quite a few surfaces like a ladder and on a stair rail. With the flexible mounting device, you can fasten the laser to different objects ranging in thickness between ½ and 2-3/8”, such as vertical or horizontal boards or pipes.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the unit is very compact, it is definitely made to be used indoor and away from moisture. The green light is vivid and bright. It does not matter the type of indoor lighting you are working in you can see the green light in darkness or lighted area.

The form factor is that of a tape measure and once the unit is turned off and the laser head in the unit is locked the unit can be stored in your toolbox just like you would store your tape measure.

Overall, the Bosch 40 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser with VisiMax Green Beam is a solid tool for homeowner to assist with everyday home updates, such as securing pictures to walls or leveling flat-screen TVs to a wall.  It also works well for similar home improvement tasks that require the use of a leveling device such as hanging shelves or cabinets.  The Bosch GLL40-20G is designed for your DIYer weekend worriers and tradesman who are into precision work.


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