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The Bosch Self Leveling Lasers: GLL 30 and GCL 2-160

In the post, we are reviewing the Bosch 65 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Plumb Points and the Bosch 30 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Clamping Mount.

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Hey Guys! It’s the ToolBox Dude here and I am so excited to be back. DIY, handymen or women and professionals alike can benefit from the advantages provided by self-leveling lasers. Each tool sends out a beam of laser which can be used as a guide for a number of applications like shelf and cabinet installation, plumbing stud wall, and framing. Laser levels are also good for electrical, plumbing and landscaping application or anywhere you might need precision measurement. We are going to compare two of BOSCH’s self-leveling cross line lasers: the Bosch 65 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Plumb Points(GCL 2-160 ) and the Bosch 30 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Clamping Mount (GLL 30)

The Features of the Laser Levels

Bosch 30 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Clamping Mount (GLL 30)

The GLL 30 laser level comes with 1 MM 2 flexible mounting device, a belt pouch and 2 AA batteries. It offers up to 30 feet of self-leveling.  The Smart pendulum indicates if you are out of level +/- up to 4 degrees. It even offers both vertical and horizontal leveling.  Its mounting device allows the user to mount the level to the side of a table or ladder.   The GLL 30 was used last spring when Timisha helped a fellow ToolBox Divas make over her office on a $500 budget.

Bosch 65 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Plumb Points (GCL 2-160 S ) 

The GCL 2-160 S comes with a laser with a visible range up to 65 feet with an accuracy of 1/8 in. at 33 ft.  When paired with the optional Bosch laser receiver (LR 6 or LR 7), the GCL 2-160 S has a working range of up to 165 Ft. This tool has 3 modes: leveling, alignment, and point transfer.

The GCL 2-160 S comes with a RM 2 magnetic rotating mount with fine adjust, a ceiling grid clip, a heavy-duty pouch, and (3)AA batteries. It  also has wifi. 


So Let’s review these features a little more in depth.  

The Laser Range

Comparing the BOSCH GLL 30 to the GCL 2-160 S,  the Bosch GLL 30 is capable of projecting a horizontal and vertical lines with a high accuracy rating of 3/16 of an inch at 30 feet. While the GCL 2-160 S Has sharp laser lights that are clearly visible up to 65ft and precisely measured to 1/8th of an inch for up to 65ft. The receiver mode allows it to work with an optional Bosch line laser receiver (LR 6 or LR 7) for a working range of up to 165 Ft. It features VisiMax™ technology, which monitors power consumption to maximize line visibility and extend battery life.

Auto-Leveling System

Both the BOSCH GLL 30 and the GCL 2-160 S come with the Bosch Smart Pendulum System.  The Smart Pendulum System self-levels with an accuracy of up to ±4°, and it indicates out-of-level condition to help ensure an accurate layout, and it locks the lines at any angle.  However, The GLL 30 doesn’t have the ability to do horizontal leveling only. 

Laser Projection

Unlike the GCL 2-160 S which has three sets of laser projection, the GLL 30 has only cross-line mode – which projects two very bright red lines that are perfectly level one on the horizontal and the other on the vertical plane.   The Bosch GCL 2 160 S comes with an all-in-one functionality – highly visible lines and points for horizontal leveling, vertical alignment, and plumb point transfer applications.

This laser projects a vertical and horizontal line on the surface in front of you. The light extends from the ceiling to the floor and a point operation which gives you a plumb line on the ceiling and on the floor –plumb line -meaning you see directly below the laser a red dot on the ground below the laser and a similar red dot on the ceiling directly above the laser.


Which Laser Level is best for you?

Both theBosch 65 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Plumb Points (GCL 2-160) and the Bosch 30 ft. Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Clamping Mount (GLL 30) are excellent laser leveling devices.  Both offer simultaneous horizontal and vertical alignment. Both can align at an angle and come equipped with the Bosch Smart Pendulum System.  However, for the average homeowner or weekend warrior, the GLL 30 is more than capable of handling household applications like hanging mirrors and pictures on a wall of approximately about 30 feet at most.  It also works well for cabinet installation and putting up wall paneling. And it’s priced well at $79.97.

The GCL 2 -160 is a professional-grade laser designed for the contractor or builder.  With the GCL 2 -160’s capability of reaching up to 165 feet with the Bosch line laser receiver, this tool is made for the construction site and creating layouts.  Another advantage of the GCL 2 160 is it comes with all the bells and whistles associated with higher priced lasers while delivering bright and accurate level lines at a reasonable price of $199.


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  1. I bought one of these on a while during a Home Depot shopping trip. At the time I didn’t know if or when I’d use it but truly glad that I did. It was a huge help when adding DIY shiplap in my daughter’s bathroom.

    1. Awesome! Your right, its a tool You realize how much you need when you have to use it hahaha

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