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Easy DIY Painted Door Mat

DIY Spray paint Door MatDo you have an old dingy door mat that has seen better days? Have you tried cleaning it but it seemed as if the dirt was a permanent part of its design? Or is it no longer in keeping with the design of your front entryway?  Paint it. Yes, Paint it…spray paint it to be exact. I had this old welcome mat that was no longer welcoming. I was updating my front entryway, changing the color of the door, adding fall accents and this spring blue mat no longer fit the over all color scheme of what I was going for.  But I hate throwing away things, especially when it still functional. So I played around with a few things and for $0 (because I used what I had) gave my front entry a welcome that was more in tune with my home.


Textile Medium

Spray Paint

Sample Behr Latex Paint

Alphabet Stencils

ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

Stencil brush

Door mat Before  I started by cleaning my old rug.

DSC_0343 Then mixed water and Textile medium into a spray bottle.

DSC_0336 Sprayed the textile water mixture all over the rug.  This was in effort of preventing the rug from becoming too hard after I applied the spray paint.

DSC_0347 Then I painted the rug fully using Rust-Oleum Espresso paint.

DSC_0348 I let the mat dry for 20 minutes

DSC_0370    DSC_0372

Then using the painter’s tape outlined my pattern.  Ok, in full disclosure,  I was going to spell out ‘Hey There.’ But I couldn’t find my little stencils. So ….It ended up just being ‘Heyy!’,  which when I thought about was closer to what I actually say. :p  So I went with it.  Sometimes in the middle of these projects you have to go where ever it leads you. Hahaha.  So Heyy! it was.

DSC_0375 Using a stencil Brush and some sample Behr paint I painted within the lines of the painter’s tape.

Once it was all dry I removed the tape and prayed my lines were all straight… and well…..Heyy I had a new door mat.

DIY HeYY Doormat

Till Next Time. My fall inspired Font Entryway ~T. Front Door storm door open


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