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DIY Runner’s Race Bib and Medal Holder

DIY Runners medal and race tag holderA while ago a good friend asked if I’d make her a display to hold all of her race medals.  She is a health and wellness rock-star. I can always count on her to provide motivation on a daily basis to get up and move.  Sitting at home on the couch vegging out is never an option.  She does it all. She runs, swims, lifts weights. She’s a triathlete.  She works out literally every day of the week.  And she still manages to take care of others.  She is a mother, a wife, a sister, daughter, friend and she is a survivor. She runs with a purpose. For her, running is a gift from God and she believes ‘as long as someone can benefit from [her] testimony, beat cancer, begin to exercise and live healthier…WE ALL WIN!’

So to make this medal holder, for a dear friend who is an absolute inspiration to those privileged to be in her presence, was truly an honor.

20141109_11043820141109_110527I made the holder using the drawer fronts of an old wooden dresser.  Earlier I’d used the trim molding from these drawer fronts to create a picture frame.





20141109_123252  20141109_123730  20141109_124352

So taking the remaining lower portion of the two drawer fronts, used earlier to create picture frame, I joined it using pocket screws and wood glue to create 1 larger board.

20141110_171302   20141110_171420   20141110_171403

Next was creating the trim.  I had a huge stack of cherry flooring I’d found at my local thrift store.  It was perfect because it was 3/4″ in thickness (same as the thickness of the actual boards). Using a table saw I cut flooring lengthwise in half. Then using a miter saw cut the 45 degree angles for the frame.


Using Wood glue, painters tape and a small Brad nailer/Stapler gun I attached the cherry trim.








20141111_112813For additional detailing to provide a more finished look, I added quarter round pieces within the cherry trim. Then I applied wood putty to cover any nail holes or imperfections in the wood and proceeded with a light sanding.








20141111_133629   Finally I applied a stain and on the back of the holder placed hanging hooks.  You have the option of using anything from strap hangers to sawtooth hangers.20141111_133635











Once the actual frame is complete you can personalize to your need.




I used stickers from a local craft store.  I attached the stickers and picture and race tag clips using a hot glue gun.

For the hooks, I spray painted half dark brown metallic color and the other half pink.

Race tag holder












Once completed I couldn’t wait to share with my friend. She’s the only person I know that still uses the word “playa.” 🙂

“LIFE is a song…sometimes a hymn…other times a ballad…upbeat…or slow tempo…nonetheless…its your song..listen to your life’s music…dance to it, cry with it and most important…RUN wit it! ‪#‎letHIMuseU‬ ‪#‎canUsing‬ ‪#‎ifNotdenjuswaveyoHAND‬”  ~The words of a true “Playa”

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