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Add A POP of FALL to Your Patio

Hi ToolBox Divas! I’m Terrell and I am so enthused to be here with you today to share with you a little Rental Love.  Just because your a renter, doesn’t mean you can’t make your space feel like home.  Dress up your space.  I love everything that comes with fall,  except the cold air.  But I love the colors, the texture, the pumpkins, you name it.  I also like utilizing my patio for as long as I can. Here are some quick low cost options for adding a fall inspired color scheme to your patio.

It’s very easy to take your patio from this 1 fall patio to this .

To stay simple, save money and time…its essential to USE WHAT YOU HAVE. For example, I used my old lanterns (I found those last season on clearance at Ross) that hang year round, and simply disguised them with some bright fall colors using faux fall foliage.

I would start with the Dollar Tree. You never know what you might find. These are some great dollar tree finds that tied my fall patio together. 3 fall patio

These are all the supplies I used.  Some I had stored from previous trips to a craft store or from mother nature herself.  Take a hike and explore your surroundings.  Many fall decorative items can be found right in your backyard, literally. Gather twigs and colorful leaves.  🙂  4 fall patio (1)

I begin with sprucing up my Dollar Tree Scare Crows to give them some life. Its easiest to find slits in the pants and shirt and stuff with cotton balls OR brown paper bags that have been cut into strips.

imagejpeg_0 imagejpeg_1 imagejpeg_2

imagejpeg_1 (2) imagejpeg_2 (2) imagejpeg_2 (2) imagejpeg_0 (3) imagejpeg_0 (2)


You will only get so much for a dollar, so if a different color scheme is desired, cut the burlap into square patches and cover the old patch. Hot glue gun works great for holding down these new pieces of burlap or material.

imagejpeg_2 (5) imagejpeg_1 (5) imagejpeg_0 (6)

imagejpeg_3 imagejpeg_1 (4) imagejpeg_0 (5) imagejpeg_2 (4)

Now that you have perfected your scare crow, you can take whatever you want and fill your lanterns with small items to add color and depth to your masterpiece. Time to use those flexible twigs/branches and color leaves you gathered on your nature hike.

 16 17 18  IMG_0176

Center the scare crow on the lantern and put a drop of glue on the bottom and one at the top to stabilize the scare crow. Then put dabs of glue on the corner to stabilize flowers on each corner of scarecrow. Finally add glue under the hook and put more flowers or decoration of choice.*Use glue sparingly, so it is easy to disassemble the decoration. A dab no larger than a penny should be necessary.

imagejpeg_0 (7) imagejpeg_1 (6) imagejpeg_2 (6)

imagejpeg_0 (8) imagejpeg_1 (7) imagejpeg_2 (7)

The lanterns look very full from the sides. Any small objects can go into the lantern like the small pumpkins or artificial berries. *Put your favorite items on the side of lantern that you will see most often once they are hung!

25 24

Mums or Chrysanthemum SHOUT “Fall is Here”. They are bold and bright and come in a variety of colors. It helps if you buy mums in a colored flower pot or spray paint a flower pot your desired color. Mums are typically $3-$15 depending on the size you choose and can be found at your local nursery, hardware store or grocer.

It really pulls the decorum together if you use a strand of burlap underneath the pot to add more color and texture. You want to scrunch the burlap into a circular shape and rest the flower pot on it as you scrunch. The weight of the flower pot should hold the burlap in place.

26 (1) 27 28 29

Now hang your fall Lanterns to tie everything together! Finished!!! Now this is Rental Love. <3


2 fall patio

This article was written by Terrell W.  Terrell is a registered nurse and design enthusiast. She loves bright colors, family and homemade pizza.


Adding A POP color inspired by fall

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