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4 Easy Living Room Decorating Tips

Don’t get daunted by the idea of changing things around every now and then, especially when it comes to your living room. Guests will appreciate the effort you did to refresh the view from their last visit, and you will also living room with wood wallbe rid of the same old scenery you had to come home to day in and day out. Think about renovating the living room whenever you can and brainstorm for ideas about the décor that will make it more convenient to spend time in the room, and please you aesthetically. The living room is the place you present yourself to others, if it was a person, it would be the skin, the outer shell which you show the outside world. Make it look good, but also make it effective. Here is some quick decorating tips advice on how to get it room with pop of color

First things first: does your living room need de-cluttering? Many people spam their rooms with a variety of items and decorations which they never use or even look at. So think hard whether you need everything in your living room, and if the answer for anything there is a ‘no’, then start collecting it in big plastic bags and think about whether you want to donate, sell, recycle, or throw away. You can always store it, of course, but why waste space in your cellar, attic, or basement for something that you clearly have no intention of even looking at. Clear up all the things you will not need, and then consider repainting.

Having a new color would breathe some new life into your living room. Pick a color that reflects your personality, or if you feel that this would be too invasive on the guests’ tastes, use that color subtly, placing it only in key places that act like hints to your character. Use vibrant colors if you feel that the living room needs an energetic feel, or a darker shade for a more melancholic atmosphere. You could, of course, simply go with neutral colors, but if the walls were already white, why bother keeping them that way?

Carpet cleaning should be the last thing you do. Always go top to bottom so that you don’t have to redo the floor cleaning. Sofa cleaning is a must, after all, that is where all your guests will sit and you don’t want them to find the remains of your snack from last night, nor having to sit on something greasy. After the upholstery cleaning, move on to the windows and shine them up to get the most out of the daylight inside the by Laura D'Alessandro

Think about reorganizing the furniture as well. Have a focus point in the room and surround it with the rest. Or maybe you want different zones. Maybe you want to add a bar and a wine rack. There are so many options for remodeling the living room. Only your imagination will limit you.

So think hard about what you want your living room to look like and how you want to be perceived in the eyes of your guests. Remodel the place as you see fit, but always remember – it is your living room and you should like it best.


Article written by Ella A.  Ella is freelance writer and home décor specialist with years of experience. She finds her biggest inspiration in all sorts of home renovation, remodeling and interior design projects. Click HERE to find more helpful house maintenance info from her.


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