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Design Tips for your Attic Bedroom

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Attics are places that seem to be frozen in time, collecting dust and hiding forgotten family heirloom. It is surprising indeed how many people use them as storage spaces where they hardly ever dwell. However, the somewhat awkward architecture of an attic does not mean it cannot serve as a perfect spot for a guest bedroom or a brand new personal retreat. With some effort, it is possible to escape all the hustle and bustle, and transform the underused space into a stylish, tranquil haven.

Size matters

Bear in mind that the access to most attics is restricted, making it hard to bring in the furniture. Self-assembly pieces are a safe bet, but you still need to mind the dimensions. Since the attic bed is the most important element of the bedroom, take your time picking it. Its position is of the utmost importance as you must be able to get in and out of it with comfort. If you like reading the paper in your bed during mornings, then placing it beneath the skylights is a good idea.

Furthermore, always remember that your bedroom needs to be uncluttered and functional. Thus, a low bed works well with low ceiling and enhances the sense of space in the room. Low legs and small footprints are the characteristics of simple, sophisticated beds many people opt for. If the floor area is abundant, then a bed with a wide profile is an essential element of your cozy sleeping quarters.

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It is preferable to keep it low when it comes to other pieces of furniture as well because everything should be in proportion. Come to understand how the outline of the attic can be used as your ally, not a bitter enemy. Dormers, for example, are great for seating areas, reading nooks and desks. Moreover, sloped ceiling are limiting, but you can engage in activities that do not require much height there.

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A dreamy shelter

Natural light may also be scarce, but you can opt for table lamps or overhead lighting. A storage space is another thing at a premium, which is why smart solutions steal the show. Built-in wardrobes and shelving that fit the slope of the ceiling are a wise investment, and the same goes for low level storage. Hence, try to get your hands on some under-bed drawers or bedside tables with drawers.

Now, another problem with attics is insulation, so search for leaks and seal them. Those who want to see to it that the envelope of their room is impregnable might need to do a complete overhaul. It may seem like a costly investment, but there are ways to limit the impact on the budget. If possible, take advantage of home insulation grants, tax credits or other local and government incentives.

Attic insulation
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Once you get the functionality right, it is time to muse over the looks. Giving the place a makeover usually starts with painting, and shortened walls and a large ceiling area call for a specific approach. To add some drama and life to the space, you can paint the walls and the ceiling in different colors. A light, neutral color will keep the feeling of space, so use darker tones in moderation. Once you have the right backdrop, start considering décor pieces and accents that will round up the unique ambiance.

Sweet dreams

Tight spaces are challenging, but also very rewarding in terms of design. Every inch counts, so make the most of the available space. To pull it off, you have to be inventive and think outside the box. Avoid overcrowding the bedroom and embrace the art of design simplicity. Less is more when dealing with attics, and contemporary style is the obvious choice. If you ask me, there is no excuse not to treat yourself with the bedroom sanctuary that will provide the much-needed peace and quiet.

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  1. When creating an attic bedroom, you definitely want to make sure it is warm with proper insulation. I think a bedroom in the attic can be a fun decorating opportunity. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

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