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Get The Look: SouthWest Chic

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Rugged and pioneering, the southwest aesthetic has been an enduring favorite among professional designers and casual decorators for decades. The unique look incorporates elements native to the desert American region, as well as aztec textiles, brown leather furnishings, and animal-hide accents. Through rooted in vintage staples, there are plenty of ways to diversify this interior style and make it your own. For a more practical and modern take on the ranch-style abode, we’ve mixed in elevated seating and sleek tables that effortlessly translate to any interior (no matter where you call home). Read on to find everything you need to create a southwest inspired living space



1. Create Contrast With a Modern Coffee Table

To bring balance to traditional ranch decor, opt for modern, simple designs when selecting larger furniture pieces. This approach helps to ensure a tasteful aesthetic that never appears overdone, and makes it easier to revamp the space in a new style should you ever decide to redecorate. The Ellsworth cocktail table brings modern sophistication to any living space, with a slight rugged edge that blends well with more decidedly southwestern elements.

ToolBoxDivas_Bassett Mirror Belgian Modern 36 x 56 Rectangular Brown Ellsworth Cocktail Table
Bassett Mirror Belgian Modern 36 x 56 Rectangular Brown Ellsworth Cocktail Table

2. Every Rustic Space Needs An Animal Hide Rug

Animal hide rugs are a staple in any southwest interior, bringing textured dimension plus soft comfort to the space. These rugs can be crafted from treated animal hides (for a more authentic aesthetic) or acrylic materials (for an easier-to-maintain, cruelty-free option). Available in hues ranging from deep brown to black and white, choose an animal hide rug that plays off of other prominent colors and textures in the room to achieve a cohesive palette.

ToolBoxDivas_Loloi Rugs Grand Canyon Camel & Beige Area Rug
Loloi Rugs Grand Canyon Camel & Beige Area Rug

3. Dress Up Your Coffee Table With Decorative Skulls

Decorative skulls are making a strong resurgence in trendy interiors. Style up your coffee table with a classic skull accent to add some desert panache to your space. These pieces can also be curated as part of a gallery wall, added to any bookshelf, or styled atop an accent cabinet or sideboard.

ToolBoxDivas_Uttermost Impala Skull
Uttermost Impala Skull

4. Add Pattern & a Pop of Color With Southwest Inspired Pillows

Southwest aesthetics are largely grounded in neutral, earthy tones. Browns, blacks, creams, and even deep reds dominate the aesthetic. Adding a pop of color in the way of patterned throw pillows goes a long way in enlivening the space. Against such a neutral backdrop, feel free to get creative, and select pillows in any hue that speaks to your personal decorating inclinations. Classic mojave patterns awash in turquoise, red, orange, or mauve will punch up any neutral hued space.

ToolBoxDivas_Surya Cotton Kilim Burgundy Black Slate Lime & Ivory Taken with Tribal Throw Pillow
Surya Cotton Kilim Burgundy Black Slate Lime & Ivory Taken with Tribal Throw Pillow

5. Create a Textured Look With Layered Area Rugs

For those who prefer floor to floor carpeting over wood floors, consider layering your animal hide rug over a larger sandy area rug. The layered look brings unexpected texture to the space and further grounds the aesthetic in classic desert hues.

ToolBoxDivas_Surya Continental 8' Square Beige Area Rug
Surya Continental 8′ Square Beige Area Rug

6. Go Big & Bold With An Oversized Mirror

An over-sized mirror will make any small-sized room appear larger, and help to modernize the look. Leaning a large mirror against a wall lends itself to a casual, lived-in ambiance, and the oversized frame presents a chance to introduce more color or texture (or both!).

ToolBoxDivas_Uttermost Demetria 44 x 74 Oversized Wooden Floor Mirror
Uttermost Demetria 44 x 74 Oversized Wooden Floor Mirror

7. Anchor Your Space With A Cozy Neutral Sofa

As with the coffee table, we recommend choosing a timeless, simple sofa. A light linen design will anchor the space without distracting from decorative accents, and also elevate the look to a level of chic sophistication. If tan leather seating is an absolute must in your southwest abode, try incorporating tan leather butterfly chairs for a trendy take on the traditional textile.

ToolBoxDivas_Universal Furniture Haven Sofa
Universal Furniture Haven Sofa

8. Last But Not Least – End Tables!

Smaller in scale than a sofa or coffee table, stylish end tables can read more as a decorative accent than an anchoring furniture piece. Mix in metal drum tables with bolted trim to add a touch of industrial panache and complete the look.


ToolBoxDivas_ART Furniture Epicenters Black Metal 26.5'' Wide Round End Table
ART Furniture Epicenters Black Metal 26.5” Wide Round End Table

Post written by Guest Author Amelia Ohm for LuxeDecor.

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